Gohan (Rice)

Japanese Food
Rice is the foundation of a Japanese meal. It is a vast and revered subject in Japanese cookery.

Chocolate Truffle Mochi Recipe star
While not traditionally Japanese, this is a decadent candy recipe that represents the best of the East meets the best of the West. Chocolate and mochi!

Different Ways of Preparing Gohan Japanese Rice star
Why are there differences in cooking methods for preparing perfect Japanese rice? Because perfection seems to be subjective.

Easy Mochi from Sweet Rice Recipe star
Use a rice cooker to steam the mochi gome (glutinous rice) and then a stand mixer or food processor will do the work of a mallet.

Happy Hubby Sweet Bacon Musubi Recipe star
My Caucasian husband does not like plain musubi or onigiri (white rice ball) which presented a problem in our marriage until I made him this version that satisfies his love of bacon.

How to Cook Gohan Japanese Rice star
The basic method of preparing perfect gohan.

How to Make a Rice Ball Onigiri Musubi star
Some things seem so simple that they need no explanation. But this isn’t the case with the humble rice ball.

Ichigo Daifuku or Strawberry Mochi Recipes star
Ichigo daifuku, with a fresh strawberry center, is truly a Japanese treat. Here is the traditional recipe as well as my own that is tinted pink and flavored with strawberry instead of just plain white mochi on the outside.

Intoduction to Mochi Rice Cakes star
White and pasty, mochi does not usually impress first-timers. So why is mochi so beloved and revered in Japan?

Isobe Yaki or Norimaki Mochi Recipe star
Some of the best foods are humble in nature, like hot buttered toast or, if you are Japanese, norimaki mochi which also is called isobe yaki mochi. Grilled mochi, drizzled with soy sauce and wrapped in crisp nori is a tasty treat.

Kawaii Bento Craze star
The Japanese can’t resist anything cute. Today, a popular fad of creating bento with cute cartoon-like shapes out of rice and other foods sparked cute contests and a slew of online blogs.

Microwave Mochi Recipe star
No need to steam and pound glutinous rice to make quick, delicious mochi. Here is a simple recipe that uses mochiko flour and a microwave oven.

Mochi Ice Cream Recipe star
Here is a popular new mochi creation: ice cream-filled mochi balls! Fill with any flavor of ice cream flavor you like.

O-chazuke Simple Rice and Tea star
Pouring hot tea over rice once was a way to collect the last rice that stuck to the bowl, but many people enjoy ochazuke (rice and tea) as a humble yet satisfying meal when it is accompanied by simple okazu (side dishes).

Tamago Meshi or Tamago Kake Gohan Egg Rice Recipe star
Usually eaten for breakfast, this egg-rice dish is fast, easy, inexpensive and delicious. Protein-rich, tamago meshi has many names but no matter what it is called, it is enjoyed by all.

Testing Finger Method of Measuring Rice Water star
Japanese medium and short grain rice takes less water than other types of rice, but just how much exactly? The finger method has been used for centuries but does it really render perfect rice?

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