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Agemono (Fried Foods)
The Japanese adopted the technique ofdeep frying battered foods from Portugese merchants.

Condiments, Sauces and Garnishes
Popular condiments and sauces used for all types of Japanese dishes. Mukimono or food garnishing is included.

Etiquette and Glossary of Japanese Ingredients
An ever-growing list of Japanese food ingredients.

Gohan (Rice)
Rice is the foundation of a Japanese meal. It is a vast and revered subject in Japanese cookery.

Japanese Food Links, Games & Quizzes
Fun Japanese food games and quizzes for you plus some fantastic links to great Japanese food sites and blogs!

Kaiseki-ryori Holiday and Festival Foods
Spectacularly prepared and presented ceremonial and holiday food is a time-honored tradition in Japan.

Mushimono (Steamed Foods)
Steaming is a cooking technique that produces a tender texture in fish and seafood.

Nimono (Boiled Foods)
Nimono means foods that are boiled or poached and this includes nabemono or one-pot dishes.

Product and Cookbook Reviews
Some of the best Japanese cookbooks and food products have no English translations on their labels! I´ll try to help decipher them so you can decide what you´d like.

Seaweeds are such an important part of the Japanese diet and cuisine that they deserve their own category of recipes.

Suimono (Soups) and Noodles
From traditional soups and stews to contemporary fusion, Japanese soup and noodle recipes warm body and soul.

Learn the basics about sushi to help you order and enjoy the endless varieties of this popular food, and then try your hand at making your own.

Tsukemono (Pickles)
All types of tsukemono (pickles), sunomono (marinated raw vegetables with seafood) and aemono (salads with dressings).

Vegetable and Soybean Dishes
Tofu, soybeans and vegetables are mainstays of Japanese cuisine.

Wagashi (Sweets)
There are so many types of Japanese sweets. Wagashi is artful and delicious.

Yakimono (Grilled and pan-fried foods)
Teppan yaki and hibachi grilled foods.

Yoshoku (Western-influenced Foods)
During the Meiji Period when the emperor lifted the ban on foreign influence, the Japanese adopted Western foods and come up with their own fusion versions that are part of Japanese cuisine today.

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