Specific Plants

Cacti and Succulents
Learn about the characteristics and care of various cacti and succulents

A Perfect Winter Plant star
Though Christmas cactus are commonly available during December, we don´t often hear much about the witner-flowering Echeveria or hen-and-chicks. Typically this blooms around Christmas time.

A Rainbow of Succulents star
In thhis article I focus on the best variegated succulents for landscape purposes.

A Touch of Cheer for the Winter star
Need a touch of cheer for a snowy winter day? The indoor flowering kalanchoe is the solution. Nothing beats the winter blahs like these bold and brassy flowering plants.

A Wildlife Garden of Cacti and Succulents star
If you´re a cacti and succulent lover and want to attract butterflies, birds, and other wildlife to your garden, you can have your cake and eat it too. A number of these plants are wildlife friendly.

Additional New Agaves star
Agaves are a very popular group of succulents. This year you'll find lots of new kinds are available.

Additional New Succulents for 2005 star
There were too many new succulents for 2005 to fit into the last article, so I´m featuring additional ones here.

Aeoniums - Basic Characteristics star
Aeoniums come in such a wide range of colors that they make striking additions to container gardens or warm-climate landscapes. What are these plants, and how do they differ from the look-alike Echeverias?

African Milk-Tree star
Plants with a tropical look continue to be very popular. These lush species add an exotic look to indoor and outdoor landscapes. When it comes to choosing tropicals, you won´t go wrong with the African milk-tree.

Agaves as Container Plants star
When it comes to majestic beauty, nothing beats the century plants or agaves. The smaller ones are quite suitable for growing in containers.

Aloes - an introduction star
The beautiful aloe plant is commonly used as a medicinal plant. Here´s the lowdown on this easy to grow succulent.

American Aloe star
Some may know this plant by its other common name, the century plant. Native to sub-tropical regions of North America, it is found in arid and emi-arid areas.

An Introduction to Succulents star
What is a succulent? As this unique group of plants adjusted to adverse growing conditions, they developed intriging textures, colors, and beautiful shapes.

Animal-friendly Cacti and Succulents star
In the wild, cacti and succulents interact with plants and animals within their community.

Arizona Cactus & Succulent Research star[offsite link]
This site features extensive information on cacti and succulents, including books, publications, and photos of the plants.

Award Winning Hardy Succulents star
When shopping for hardy succulents for your garden, consider the award winning varieties. These have proven they´re stars during plant trials.

Award Winning Spurges star
If you're looking for reliable succulents for your garden, you won't go wrong with award winning spurges. These are also known as Euphorbias.

Award Winning Succulents for 2008 star
If you want reliable succulents for your landscape or container garden, you won´t go wrong with these award winning varieties.

Award Winning Voodoo Stonecrop star
Though this plant also goes by the name two-row stonecrop, that doesn´t sound half as exciting as the name Voodoo (Sedum spurium ´Voodoo´).

Bishop's Cap Cactus star
If you're looking for some small cacti with unusual shapes and forms, the bishop's caps are just the thing.

Blooming Cacti for the Holidays star
Several cheery weeks of unfurling magnificient blooms are what you´ll get from the Easter cactus as well as the other types used for the other holidays.

Botany.Com star[offsite link]
This site features an alphabetical list of cacti and succulents with descriptions and information about them.

Bushy and Tree-like Succulents star
Succulents can take many forms. While some stonecrops may have spreading, creeping stems, other kinds of succulents may form neat rosettes. Still others are bushy and tree-like.

Cacti and Succulents for Indoor Hanging Baskets star
When it comes to choosing containers for your indoor cacti and succulents, hanging baskets are a good choice.

Cacti and Succulents for Period Gardens star
Cacti and succulents have long been popular garden plants. In fact, a number of these are heirloom plants that have been in cultivation for many years.

Cacti and Succulents in Botanical Art star
Before digital cameras were ubiquitous, plants were depicted by other means. Botanical illustration in the form of paintings, color drawings, and water colors reached its heyday in the Renaissance.

Cacti and Succulents of the Mediterranean star
Europe is home to many kinds of succulents and cacti, both native and naturalized. This article will focus on species that are commonly seen in the Mediterreanean.

Cacti as House Plants star
Cacti, which are among the most beautiful plants even when they aren´t flowering, are perfect for containers. These plants thrive year-round in many homes and apartments.

Cacti for Hanging Baskets star
Though it is mostly true that any small cactus can be grown in hanging baskets, some are better suited to these containers than others. The ones with arching, pendant, or trailing stems are the best of all for hanging baskets.

Cacti/Succulents for Herb Gardens star
When choosing plants for the herb garden, cacti and succulents may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Cactus Dish Gardens star
Cactus dish gardens are a great way to display your favorite cacti.

Cactus Poaching star
The American Southwest is facing its 6th year of drought. Yet, this isn´t the most serious problem native cacti have at the moment.

Calandivas star
Why all the fuss about Calandivas? One kind of kalanchoe flowering pot plant should be pretty much like any other. Yet, there are things about this group that make them stand out.

Calandrinia - Rock Purslane star
With its bright magenta flowers swaying atop long flower spikes, the calandrinia is eyecatching. A bonus is that it flowers for many months with very little care.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Cacti star
Shortly, garden centers will have flowering plants for the holiday season, including the ever popular poinsettia as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti.

Christmas Cactus star
An excellent houseplant that requires very little care and produces handsome eye-catching flowers for the holidays is the Christmas cactus.

Colorful Succulents star
Succulents come in a range of colors. In this article, I highlight some of the ones that provide pink and purple and other colors for the landscape.

Columnar Cactus star[offsite link]
This site features information and photos of various kinds of cacti.

Companion Plants for Cacti and Succulents star
Though there are a few exceptions, most cacti and succulents prefer dry growing conditions. The following flowers are some drought-tolerant species that work very well with cacti and succulents.

Companion Plants for Cacti and Succulents star
Though there are a few exceptions, most cacti and succulents prefer dry growing conditions. I like to interplant the hardy species with annuals and perennials that tolerate the same conditions. The following flowers are some that work very well with cacti and succulents.

Crown of Thorns star
Crown of thorns, or Euphorbia milli, looks like a cactus - but it's not. This easy to grow plant does well in containers and in the ground.

Decorating for the Holidays star
Don´t settle for a ho-hum Christmas. Go all out with those holiday decorations.

Desert Tropicals star[offsite link]
This site features information on plants, and also has several CD ROMs for sale featuring cacti and succulents.

Desert vs. Epiphytic cacti star
Cacti are commonly available. There are different kinds, and it is important to know what you are buying. The desert cacti and the epiphytic ones are as different as night and day.

Dish Gardens and Indoor Planters star
Cacti and succulents need not grow alone. These indoor plants feel perfectly at home in dish gardens, uncovered terrariums, and other mixed planters.

Donkey's Tail Sedum star
Native to Mexico, the donkey's tail Sedum will never disappoint gardeners.

Easy Cacti for Beginners star
Let´s face it. Some cacti are hard to please. For the best results, beginners should start with ones that are easy to grow.

Easy Succulents for Beginners star
All kinds of indoor succulents and cacti are available. The best place to begin is with some no-fail succulents that are easy to grow.

Echeverias star
Echeverias are a family of succulents characterized by their rosette shape. They are a favorite in container gardens and landscape design.

Engelmann's Prickly Pear star
Though there are perhaps fifty or so species of prickly pears in America, one of the most wide spread is Engelmann´s prickly pear. This is also known by various other common names.

Euphorbias in Every Shape star
The euphorbias come in many pleasing silhouettes.

Exciting New Succulents star
During the growing season look for these exciting new succulents at garden centers, nurseries, and other sources.

False Aloe star
The false aloes are intriging hardy succulents. These are native to the U.S., particularly the eastern part of the country. They also occur in Mexico.

Fasciated Cacti and Succulents star
Fasciated cacti and succulents are very curious looking plants. These have remarkable shapes.

Fragrant Flowered Cacti and Succulents star
Fragrance is a wonderful feature of some cacti and succulent flowers. Here are just a few of the ones that are known for their sweet scents.

Garden Catalogs Having Cacti and Succulents star
The New Year often brings a crop of garden catalogs with a number of these offering seeds or plants of cacti and succulents.

Garden Tools for Succulents star
Gardening with succulents doesn't call for many tools, but there are a few handy implements that can make your job easier.

Garden Web star[offsite link]
The Internet´s Garden Community features information on cacti and succulents as well as a forum.

Gardening Launchpad star[offsite link]
This site features a page with listings of cactus and succulents links.

Gardening with Perennials star
Good garden design is the result of proper planning. It doesn´t happen by magic.

Ghost Plant star
The ghost plant, or mother-of-pearl is a great trailing plant to grow in a container. Its unusual color makes it a interesting companion to darker hued plants.

Growing Cacti and Succulents Hydroponically star
If you love house plants but find watering is inconvenient, consider the hydroculture method. This is also known as hydroponics. This method is suitable for cacti and succulents, especially Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, and Easter cactus.

Growing Pin Cushion Cactus star
Easy to grow, the pin cushion cactus or mamillarias are among the most popular cacti.

Growing the Common Purslane as a Garden Plant star
This article focuses on how to grow the common purslane as a garden plant and its historical uses.

Hardy Ice Plants star
Gorgeous summer blooms and beautiful fall foliage. The hardy ice plants are a garden wonder.

Haworthias star
Among the most beautiful succulents, Haworthias make excellent houseplants.

Holiday Cactus star
A holiday cactus is a popular gift plant. A spine-free cactus with colorful flowers that can last many years - what's not to love?

Hottentot-fig star
If you´re familiar with the ice plants (Delosperma spp.), chances are you´ll have no problem recognizing the Hottentot-fig as a relative. These plants are members of the same family, Aizoaceae.

Hoya-the Wax Plant star
Of all the succulents, hoya remains one of the most popular. Some folks who wouldn´t dream of growing other succulents are crazy about this plant.

Irish Mittens Cactus star
Of the prickly pears, there is one species in particular that has a wide distribution--the Irish mittens.

Jade Plant star
Jade plants are grown in homes around the globe. Even if you have a black thumb, you may find success with this plant.

John Creech Sedum star
When it comes to succulent perennials, things don´t get any better than the John Creech Sedum. Among the finest ground covers, this spreading succulent is only a couple inches in height with a spread of about a foot.

John Shelley´s Garden Center & Nursery, Inc. star[offsite link]
This page features information on winter hardy cactus for cold climates with plant descriptions, etc.

Kalanchoe-a Common Flowering Plant star
When we´re shopping for succulents, it´s very easy to dismiss the common kalanchoe. They´re readily available, even in discount stores. However, these pot plants are well worth considering.

Landscaping with Cacti and Succulents star
It makes perfect sense to landscape with cacti and succulents, particularly the hardy ones. These are low maintenance plants that help us conserve water.

Living Stones star
The living stones are fascinating little succulents. The common name refers to their pebble-like appearance.

Living Stones, Split Rocks, and Baby Toes star
Succulents that look like stones or rocks? These fascinating plants are easier to grow that their exotic looks would lead you to believe. Be stingy with water!

Melon Cactus star
Melon cactus are among the most attractive of the cacti.

Michigan State University Extension star[offsite link]
This plant data base includes some information on winter hardy prickly pear species.

Miniature Cacti and Succulents star
For dish gardens and indoor plants, we need small plants that don´t grow out of bounds. There are a number of cacti and succulents that fulfill such needs.

More Exquisite Mamillarias star
Among the mamillarias or pin cushion cactus are some particularly exquisite species.

More Mamillarias star
Here are some more excellent pin cushion-type cactus for houseplants and outdoor gardens in warm areas.

More Succulents for Indoor Light Gardens star
Some other succulents are dwarf enough to grow as houseplants in light gardens.

Moss Rose star
Moss rose, a native of Brazil, has a lot to offer. Also known as sun rose, rose moss, portulaca, and purslane, this has vivid flowers in various colors.

Mother of Thousands star
Some plants are so strange looking they just beg to be taken home. Mother of Thousands is one of those plants. But be careful where you put it, or you may have thousands of plants!

My Garden Guide star[offsite link]
This site features a very extensive plant data base, ask the experts, weekly gardening updates, and more. A basic membership to this site is free, but the premium membership is well worth the price because it offers members so many more services for very little money.

Native and Naturalized Eastern Cacti and Succulents star
When it comes to choosing garden plants, there are many reasons to choose native plants. These are adapted to local growing conditions and require minimal care.

Native and Naturalized Stonecrops of the Eastern U.S. star
Though we may often think of the stonecrops and other Sedums as garden plants, there are a number of native species in the eastern U.S.

New Annual Succulents for 2007 star
During the spring of 2007, American gardeners will find a number of new succulents available in garden centers, nurseries, and other sources. Some of these will be ones grow as annuals, such as new portulacas or moss rose.

New Cacti and Succulents for 2005 star
The New Year is barely here, but nurseries and garden centers are already planning ahead for the 2005 garden season. For 2005, a number of new cacti and succulents are being introduced.

New Euphorbias for 2010 star
What better way to start off the new dedace than with some new kinds of plants? A number of new euphorbia varieties will be introduced this year.

New Euphorbias for 2011 star
This growing season gardeners will find many wonderful new cacti and succulents at garden centers and nurseries. Here are details on some new euphorbias and spurges.

New Kalanchoes star
Gardeners will find quite a few new kalanchoes are available. The following are highly recommended.

New Kalanchoes for 2008 star
Kalanchoes continue to be one of the most popular flowering succulents. Here are details on some of the newer varieties.

New Purslanes and Perennial Spurges star
For 2010, a number of new purslanes and perennial spurges will be available in garden centers and elsewhere. Here are details on some of those new plants.

New Sedums for 2006 star
Various new kinds of Sedums are being introduced in 2006. These will be available at local nurseries and garden centers. They will also be sold online and through mail-order catalogs.

New Sedums or Stonecrops for 2010 star
Several new hardy sedums will be available in 2010. These include the following.

New Stonecrops and Portulacas for 2009 star
Gardemers will find all sorts of new succulents are available for the 2009 gardening season. Here are some varieties that will be of special interest.

New Succulent Varieties for 2008 star
Throughout the year you´ll find a number of new succulent varieties are available. These include ones that are typically grown as houseplants as well as ones for outdoor landscapes.

New Succulents for Gardens star
Those who love succulents are in luck this growing season for quite a few new varieties of these wonderful plants are available.

New Succulents for 2007 star
For 2007, a number of new succulents are being introduced to American gardeners. Among these are the following.

New Succulents for House Plants star
Various succulents that make good house plants are being introduced for 2010.

New Succulents for Warm Climates star
For 2007, a number of new succulent varieties will be available in time for the growing season. Among these are some that are only hardy in warmer areas of the country. Here are some of the new offerings that will be found at garden centers, nurseries, and other sources.

New Varieties of Kalanchoe star
Kalanchoes are versatile suculents that can be grown indoors or out. In colder climates, they can be used much as bedding plants outdoors. Let´s look at some of the most recent varieties that have been introduced to the market.

Night Blooming Cereus star
The night-blooming cereus is a cactus native to Mexico. In addition, it also grows in some of the Caribbean Islands in both dry and moist places, such as the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic.

Night Blooming Cereus star
Of all the cacti, the night blooming cereus are probably the most widely known. These are much appreciated by indoor gardeners that normally wouldn´t think of growing cacti.

Ocotillo star
Ocotillo is quite disease resistant, but not the usual reasons. These succulents are mysterious.

Orpine as a Garden Perennial star
It's a pity that orpine isn't more popular as a garden plant.

Part I-The Kalanchoes star
This begins a two-part series on some of the most promising species of kalanchoe.

Part II-The Kalanchoes star
This concludes a two-part series on some of the most promising kalanchoes.

Pereskias star
Imagine a bushy cactus that actually has leaves. That pretty much describes the pereskias.

Pers-Kaktus star[offsite link]
This site features lots of wonderful photos for many kinds of cacti.

Pin Cushion Cactus star
If you're looking for some small cactus for growing indoors or outdoors in containers, the pin cushion cactus is worthy of attention.

Pollination of Cacti and Succulents star
For plants, pollination is a matter of survival. Without the help from pollinators, many species can´t produce seeds or fruits.

Ponytail Palm star
We can´t always recognize a succulent by its leaves. The ponytail palm is an example.

Portulaca-the Moss Rose star
In a popularity contest for succulents, the moss rose would be among the top choices. This popular annual is often used for hanging baskets.

Portulacaria afra star
Do you need a tall plant to balance out your collection of low-growing succulents? The elephant bush may be just what you're looking for. It needs very little care and can take sun or shade.

Propagating Cacti and Succulents star
You know you´re really serious about cacti and succulents when you become interested in propagating your own plants.

Purslane-A Flowering Annual star
The common purslane is a widespread weed in many parts of the country. However, the flowering varieties are very suitable for landscapes.

Rainbow Gardens Bookshop star[offsite link]
This site has books on cacti, succulents, tropicals,and sub-tropical species.

Repotting Your Cacti and Succulents star
To keep your cacti and succulents healthy, repot them when they need it.

Rio and Other Flowering Purslanes star
Rio and the other flowering purslanes are unbeatable summer annuals.

Sansevieria-the Snake Plant star
You don´t need a green thumb to succeed with the snake plant--also known as Sansevieria. These are forgiving plants.

Sempervivums star
"Semper" means always in Latin. "Vivum" is living. Do they Sempervivums forever? No, but they can survive cold weather while adding color to your succulent garden.

Snake Plants in the Landscape star
In addition to being a very popular houseplant, the common snake plant makes an excellent outdoor landscape plant for warm regions.

Some Unusual Opuntias star
While the typical opuntias are considered to be prickly pears with jointed pads, there are some unusual looking species that are quite unlike the others.

Some African Milk Bushes star
The shrubby African milk bushes are related to the Euphorbias. These plants are native to tropical Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Some Award Winning Portulacas star
One might compare award winning plants with gold medalists at the Olympics. To receive such honors, they have to prove they are better than the competition.

Some Award Winning Succulents star
When we´re looking for reliable succulents with long blooming periods, the first ones to consider are the award winning varieties. For the most part, these have survived extensive trials in different climates, and are the most likely to give good garden performance.

Some Cob Cactus star
The cob cactus is know best for the large, vivid blossoms.

Some Copy Cat Succulents star
The families of succulents abound with look-alike or copy cat plants that resemble other species.

Some Crown Cactus star
The crown cactus are particularly beautiful plants.

Some Exciting New Agaves and Other Succulents star
A number of new agaves and other succulents can be found this growing season at the usual sources. Herer are some recommended ones.

Some Hardy Stonecrops star
There are numerous species of hardy stonecrops, some of which bloom in the fall. Here are some of the more garden-worthy ones.

Some Mamillarias star
A number of Mamillaria species are recommended as houseplants and outdoor gardens.

Some More Garden Catalogs with Cacti and Succulents star
As the garden catalogs continue to arrive in the mail, here are some additinal ones that sell seeds or plants of cacti and succulents.

Some Native Perennial Succulents of Europe star
Our gardens are graced with many kinds of succulents that were originally native to Europe. These include the familiar stonecrops as well as the houseleeks.

Some New Aloes star
When it comes to aloes, gardeners need not settle for hum-drum plants. Look for these exciting new varieties.

Some New and Award Winning Succulents star
For the new gardening season, there will be many new succulents available for the first time along with some award winning varieties.

Some New Echeverias star
Garden centers and nurseries will offer many new varieties this year. Among those will be a number of cacti and succulents, such as these echeverias.

Some New Sedums star
Gardeners can never have too many stonecrops or sedums. Here are details on some wonderful new sedum varieties.

Some New Sedums for 2011 star
When you're shopping for plants this gardening season, you'll find many new succulents are available. These include some wonderful sedums.

Some New Succulents for 2006 star
For 2006, cacti and succulent lovers can expect to find many wonderful new varieties available in garden centers and nurseries.

Some Newer Succulent Varieties star
Though it may still be winter, it never hurts to look ahead to see what newer succulents will be available for the coming growing season.

Some Newer Varieties of Hardy Spurges star
Among the newer varieties of hardy succulents are a number of spurges or Euphorbias. Let´s look at a few of the outstanding ones.

Some Popular Pereskias star
Among the pereskias, there are several species that are popularly grown as houseplants or garden plants.

Some Shrubby or Tree-Like Cacti star
The growth habit of cacti vary greatly from low growing pin-cushion types to some columnar ones that are almost shrubby or tree-like.

Some Stonecrops for Stone Walls star
Low growing stonecrops are ideal plants for growing on stone walls.

Some Succulents for Fall Color star
When gardens begin to suffer from the late summer doldrums, its time to spruce up the planters with some succulents for fall color.

Some Succulents for Stone Walls star
Stone walls are a common feature of landscapes, and offer a wonderful opportunity to grow hardy perennial succulents.

Some Unusual Cacti/Succulents star
The families of cacti and succulents include lots of engaging and unusual plants.

Some Unusual Succulents star
While some plants are clearly succulents with many related species occurring in nature, others seem to be oddballs.

Some Wonderful New Succulents and Cacti star
A number of new succulents and cacti will be available in 2011. These include some truly hardy ones as well as tender varieties.

Spineless Wonder star
Cactus spines are like rose thorns. It takes more than a few stickers to separate gardeners from their true love.

Spring Blooming Cactus star
Easter cactus is also known as the spring cactus. It is unfortunate that this plant isn´t more popular. For those living in cold climates this early flowering plant brings hope and joy.

Starting Cacti and Succulents from Seed star
Growing your own cacti and succulents from seed is fun. Generally, this method is also cheaper than buying plants.

Sting of Pearls Plant star
String of pearls is an easy succulent to grow indoors in a hanging pot or outdoors in a warm climate. Its long stems can hang several feet below the pot, and it even has flowers!

Succulent Container Gardens star
For stunning container gardens, mix and match different kinds of succulents. The result can be just wonderful.

Succulent Geraniums star
Milkweeds are succulents, and neither are the ubiquitous red geraniums in pots dotting American landscapes during the summer. Yet, both of these have relatives that are succulents.

Succulents and Cacti as Hedge Plants star
Hedges can serve many roles in the landscape. Typically, they´re used as barriers along property lines and along driveways and the like. When it comes to choosing plants for hedges, don´t neglect the cacti and succulents.

Succulents as Bonsai star
Succulents are attractive in their own right. When they´re trained as bonsai, their beauty becomes even more intriging.

Succulents for Hanging Baskets star
Cacti and succulents can assume many growth habits. While some kinds are upright, others may be spreading and even climbing. Here are some of the best kinds of succulents for hanging baskets.

Succulents for Light Gardens star
When you don't have enough windows to provide your indoor succulents with proper lighting, the solution is to create artificially lit gardens.

Succulents for Rock Gardens star
Succulents can have many uses in the landscape. They often assume the role of ground covers. Those with rock gardens have many opportunities to use succulents.

Succulents for Shady, Moist Areas star
Normally, we think of succulents as plants for sunny, dry, well-drained locations. However, a few species of Sedums are well-suited to moist, shady areas.

Succulents for the Landscape star
Jade plants and other tender succulents are often seen in homes as house plants. In addition, there are hardy species of succulents that are well suited to outdoor conditions.

Succulents for Various Landscape Uses star
Succulents can be used throughout the landscdape for various purposes and landscape projects.

Succulents With Red Color star
In this article I highlight some of the very best succulents that provide red color for the landscape.

Succulents with Scale-Like Leaves star
In some succulents, the foliage is so reduced in size that it is scale or needle-like.

Tender Succulents for Partial Shade star
Throughout many landscapes there are spots that don't receive full sun all day long. Some of the tender succulents will thrive in such spaces.

The Adaptable Spurges star
Among the easiest to grow succulents for outdoor gardens are the hardy spurges. This group of plants includes both succulents, such as the crown of thorns, and the non-succulent poinsettia.

The Anchor Plants star
The anchor plants or urn plants are a very distinctive group of spiny succulent shrubs.

The Artichoke Cactus star
The name artichoke cactus aptly describes the appearance of this unusual cactus.

The Bear Grasses star
Members of the Lily family, the bear grasses are a type of succulent. These are similar to the yuccas and agaves in some respects.

The Beautiful Lewisias star
In 2004 it seems very appropriate to highlight plants of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Lewisia was named for Lewis. There are various species of Lewisias, but they are all members of the Portulaca family.

The Best Portulacas star
When it comes to container and garden plants, gardeners are always on the lookout for outstanding succulents. The first thing I look for are award winning ones. As an example, let´s look at some of the portulacas or moss roses that received FloraStar awards.

The Buck Bay Daisy star
Grown as annuals, these succulents are members of the Aizoaceae family.

The Century Plant star
The well-known century plant or agave is misnamed. Here´s why.

The Common Purslane star
Common purslane is one of those succulents that many gardeners love to hate. It is pretty much considered a worthless weed. Yet, that doesn´t tell the full story behind this plant.

The Cotyledons star
The cotyledons are popular houseplants. These succulents are members of the Crassula family.

The Crown of Thorns star
The crown of thorns hardly needs an introduction. it is one of the commonly grown Euphorbias. This old favorite has many admirable qualities.

The Dudleyas star
Members of the Crassula family, the Dudleyas are named for William R. Dudley.

The Dyckias star
The dyckias are easy to grow. These succulents resemble miniature pineapple plants or agaves.

The Echeverias star
No collection of succulents would be complete without the iridescent echeverias.

The Euphorbias star
During the Christmas season, the poinsettia seems to get all the attention. There are related species of euphorbias that make excellent house plants for colder areas.

The Fragrant Cacti star
Cacti and succulents are fascinating plants in many respects. They have interesting growth habits and provide wonderful visual texture to indoor and outdoor gardens. Some of the cacti have particularly appeal because they bear fragrant blooms.

The Hardy Yucca star
A number of yuccas are native to the eastern U.S These are found along roadsides, and other waste places where the soil tends to become poor and dry.

The Jovibaras star
The jovibaras are hardy alpine succulents that deserve to be more popular.

The Many Faceted Prickly Pear star
The prickly pear is familiar to many gardeners. Though these may be more common in the Southwest, they also occur in the East.

The Moonlight Garden star
Of the night blooming cacti and succulents, the night blooming cereus is the best known. However, there are others as well. These are especially suitable for moonlight gardens.

The Moss Rose star
Historically speaking, the moss rose is a relative newcomer to gardens.

The Paddle Plant star
The large round leaves of the paddle plant, which have their flat surface perpendicular to the ground, can add interest to your succulent garden. In the ground or in a container they are a unique accent.

The Panda Plant star
You might not be able to tell from its name, but the panda plant is actually a kind of kalanchoe.

The Practical Prickly Pears star
From an ornamental standpoint, the prickly pears or Opuntias are admirable species. Yet, there is more to these plants than meets the eye.

The Red Yucca star
Drought remains a threat in parts of the U.S. That´s one good reason to grow succulents. The native red yucca is an excellent choice for zones 7 through 10.

The Sacramental Peyote star
Of all the American cacti species, the peyote has one of the most tangled histories.

The Saguaro star
Saguaro is the signature cactus of the American Southwest. This plant is also known as pitahaya, sahuara, and giant cactus.

The Snowball Cactus star
Several species of mamillarias are know as snowball cactus.

The Spring Blooming Easter Cactus star
Certain plants are associated with Easter. Though the Easter lily is commonly sold at that time, the spring-blooming Easter cactus is also available.

The Useful Cacti star
Most people grow cacti for their beauty. But these plants can serve various practical purposes.

The Useful Snake Plants star
Typically grown as a houseplant, the snake plants are actually quite useful. Some are a source of fiber and medicinal plants.

Those Spines Can Hurt star
Though we may not like it, cacti spines do exactly what they are supposed to do. They protect plants from humans and browsing animals. How can we plant and care for cacti without getting hurt? Here are some hints to use in protecting yourself.

Tips on Growing and Caring for Kalanchoes star
Kalanchoes are known for their colorful flowers. They are popular gift plants but what do you do with them after they bloom? Give them some care and they'll treat you to bright flowers and baby plants for years to come.

Tough Love for Cacti star
This is a story about how not to move your plants. Tough love doesn´t sound like a promising concept when it comes to plants. Normally, I wouldn´t recommend it, but based on my experience with cacti and succulents it did seem to work.

Useful Cacti and Succulents of the Southwestern Deserts star
Though the deserts of the American Southwest may seem bleak, the plants that grow in these arid places are very useful. This is especially true for a number of cacti and succulent species.

What are Cacti? star
Test what you know about cacti by answering the following true/false questions.

What´s Ahead for Cact and Succulents? star
Greetings to all cacti and succulent lovers. Here´s what you can expect in the future from this site.

Winter Hardy Cacti star
Winters can be cold in the northern U.S. Despite thw winter chills, northern gardeners can grow winter hardy cacti.

Winter Hardy Succulents star
The majority of succulents are native to warm climates. Yet, Northern gardeners can grow winter hardy species.

Yubi and Double Yubi Purslanes star
A number of the flowering purslanes are available. Some of the best known ones are the Yubi Summer Joy series and the Double Yubi series.

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