Cacti and Succulents
These links feature book reviews and reviews of different software programs related to gardening as well as cacti and succulents.

"Gardens of Obsession" Book Review star
Some gardeners aren´t satisfied with humdrum landscapes. They go for the individualist look. Such gardens are the subject of a fascinating book-"Gardens of Obsession."

A Potpourri of Cacti and Succulent Books star
There aren´t too many books in English on cacti and succulents. Some of the classic references are now out of print. You may be able to find some at the public library.

Book Review of Book on Wild and Useful Plants star
As a survival guide, a book by Christopher Nyerges can´t be beat. He is author of "Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants." It has a foreword by Ed Begley, Jr. This was released by the Chicago Review Press.

Book Review of Greenhouse Pests star
In cold climates many gardeners grow their cacti and succulents indoors or in greenhouses. They need sound advice on coping with greenhouse pests. By far the best title around on this subject is "Ball Identification Guide to Greenhouse Pests and Beneficials."

Book Review on Rock Garden/Alpine Title star
Garden fads come and go, but the tried-and-true never fails to satisfy the discerning gardener. This is what really makes alpine plants and rock gardens so fulfilling. Now there´s a delightful guide on creating small rock gardens.

Book Review'- star
What can we expect from our cacti and succulent gardens? For those who are willing to push the envelope, there seems to be no limit. This message becomes clear in a book by author Thomas Hobbs.

Book Review-"The World of Cacti" star
This book is destined to be the most-thumbed title in your cactus library.

Book Review-The Columnar Cacti star
Most books on cacti are for the general public. This one about columnar cacti is different. It takes up where popular titles leave off.

Book Review: Growing Desert Plants star
Whether you want to grow cacti as houseplants or outdoors in your garden, "Growing Desert Plants-From Windowsill to Garden" by Theordore B. Hodoba is the one for you.

Books on Insects star
Good or bad, insects are here to stay with some of them attacking cacti and succulents.

Cacti and Succulent Book Reviews star
Many gardening books can be helpful to cacti and succulent gardeners. Those looking for inspiration will love these two titles.

Cactus and Succulents Book Review star
When it comes to choosing a book on cacti and succulents, how can you select the best one? You won´t go wrong with "Cactus and Succulents-a Care Manual."

Cactus and Succulents Book Review star
When it comes to choosing a book on cacti and succulents, how can you select the best? You can´t go wrong if you start with "Cactus and Succulents-a Care Manual."

Cactus Book Review star
"Cactus" by Elisabeth Marke was published by Barron´s Educational Series.

Cactus Book Review star
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is well known for its many excellent garden books. Among these is a wonderful volume that will be of particular interest to cacti and succulent lovers.

Cactus Flowers Book Review star
Don´t let the title fool you. "Cactus Flowers" by Susan Lowell presents a treasure trove of information on cacti.

Container Garden Book Reviews star
Within the last decade there has been increased interest in container gardens. Here are some reviews of books that will be helpful to cacti and succulent gardeners.

Designing with Succulents Book Review star
If you're looking for inspiration, this book will make you want to put on your gardening gloves and spruce up your yard. If you're a container gardener, there's plenty for you too.

Garden Books for Holiday Gifts star
Many people give books or music for holiday gifts. It's hard to go wrong when you choose books. Stores have lots of titles on every subject from which you choose.

Garden Design Books for Cacti/Succulents star
While some garden books give advice on growing cacti and succulents, others offer inspiraton for those designing cacti and succulent gardens. Here are some books with wonderful design ideas.

Garden Trough Book Review star
In recent years garden troughs and hypertufa containers have become very popular. These are perfect for cacti and succulents. "Creating and Planting Garden Troughs" has all the information you´ll ever need for successful gardening.

Gardening Software is the Ideal Holiday Gift star
Gardeners are easy to please when it comes to gifts. They like practical things-from gardening books and supplies to gardening software. I´ve tried the following, and highly recommend all of the following.

Hardy Succulents - Book Review star
If you live in a colder climate, don't give up on growing succulents. This book details the many succulents the author successfully grows in Colorado. Some can even survive zone three temperatures.

Houseplant Book Reviews star
Cacti and succulents are among the most reliable houseplants. For those new to indoor gardening, here are some reviews of houseplant books that will be helpful to those with cacti and succulents.

Houseplant Encyclopedia Book Review star
If you´re looking for an all-purpose indoor plant book that features lots of cacti and succulents, this title is for you.

Landscape Plants, a Book Review star
"Landscape Plants for Subtropical Climates" by Bijan Dehgan is a praiseworthy book. Intended primarily for USDA hardiness zones 8 through 11, it features many plants--including many cacti and succulents-- that are grown as indoor or houseplants in colder climates.

Native Plant Book Review star
Cacti and succulent gardeners who are fans of native plants are going to love this book from Texas.

Review of Houseplant Book star
For beginners, here´s a great book on indoor gardening that will help them succeed with their first cacti or succulent.

Sonoran Desert Plant Book Review star
Anyone with a serious interest in plants of the American Southwest will definitely want a copy of "Sonoran Desert Plants-An Ecological Atlas."

Succulent Container Gardens - Book Review star
Debra Lee Baldwin's second book shows us how to have a beautiful succulent garden even if we can't plant them in the ground. If you are restricted to containers because of the climate, or if your garden is a balcony or windowsill, this book will inspire you.

Succulents for the Contemporary Garden-Book Review star
Learn about succulents from an expert. Yvonne Cave, author of "Succulents for the Contemporary Garden," spotlights the tried-and-true as well as the lesser known plants.

Texas Cacti Book Review star
Texas A & M University Press has released a delightful book on cacti. "Texas Cacti" is by Brian Loflin and Shirley Loflin.

The Complete Book of Cacti and Succulents - Review star
The Complete Book of Cacti and Succulents is a good introduction to the topic written by an expert. It is bountifully illustrated and covers the gamut from basic botany to grafting.

The Looking-Glass Garden: a Book Review star
The grass is always greener on the other side, or so it would seem. In fact, when the author crossed the equator he found a magical world of exciting plants with exotic shapes and striking colors.

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