Cacti and Succulents
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A Cacti/Succulent Garden for Pollinators star
Create a pollinator-friendly garden with cacti and succulents. These plants offer nectar and pollinator to hummingbirds, butterflies, and all sorts of bees.

A Primer on Seeds star
Seeds are a plant waiting to happen. They are the means by which we often produce new cacti and succulents and other garden plants. The story of seeds is an interesting one.

Abnormal Growth in Cacti and Succulents star
Abnormal or misshapen growth in cacti and succulents does occur from time to time.

Aesthetic Attributes of Cacti and Succulents star
The cacti and succulents are among the most beautiful plants. They possess many admirable qualities.

Agave Fibers and Other Uses star
Agaves may be beautiful plants. But, they have many practical uses as well.

Agave Sweeteners star
The agave syrups are a fairly recent addition to the food scene in America. These are seen as a natural alternative to granulated sugar.

Award Winning Euphorbias star
During 2009 new plant trials were held all over the country at various locations. Among the outstanding new varieties were a number of different euphorbias that will be of interest to succulent lovers.

Benefits of Indoor Cacti/Succulents star
Houseplants have much to offer. These provide many kinds of benefits to indoor gardeners.

Bitter Root and Hen-and-chicks From Seed star
Bitter root and hen and chicks are hardy succulent perennials. These are easy to grow from seed.

Botanical Art-Cacti and Succulents star
Paintings of cacti and succulents appear in any number of gardening books. One of my favorite garden history titles features these plants.

Botanical Art-Cacti and Succulents star
A number of botanical artists are known widely for their works that depict cacti and succulents. These include the following.

Butterfly and Bird Garden Plants star
When designing butterfly and bird gardens, gardeners should consider icluding some cacti and succulents.

Buying Your First Indoor Cacti/Succulent star
When you're buying your first indoor cacti or succulent, there are various things to consider.

Cacti and Succulent Botanical Art star
Cacti and succulents have often been the subject of botanical art.

Cacti and Succulent Companion Plants star
Mix other kinds of plants with the cacti and succulents to create a pleasing landscape design.

Cacti and Succulent Garden Kits star
Some gardeners like a challenge, and are willing to grow their own cacti and succulents from seed. Here are some garden kits that will help.

Cacti and Succulent Newsletter Sign-up star
What does it mean to sign up for the Cacti and Succulents newsletter? It means a weekly link to an article about these fascinating plants.

Cacti and Succulent Safety star
Cacti have sharp spines and some succulents have stinging sap. They won't cause you any problems if you take some simple precautions.

Cacti and Succulent State/National Flowers star
Many states have selected an official state flower. So have some nations. Among those flowers are several succulents as well as one cactus.

Cacti and Succulents Art star
The history of plants and gardening has been recorded in botanical art. Several artists are known for their works on cacti and succulents.

Cacti and Succulents as Ground Covers star
Cacti and succulents can fill many roles in the landscape. A number of these plants make great ground covers.

Cacti and Succulents for Coastal Gardens star
Tough places call for tough plants. For seaside gardens where the plants are bathed in salty air and windswept, choose salt tolerant cacti and succulents.

Cacti and Succulents in Art star
Paintings of cacti and succulents can be found in a number of sources, including calendars and books.

Cacti with Edible Fruits star
Though it is common knowledge that prickly pear fruits are edible, some of the other species that bear edible ones aren´t as widely recognized.

Cacti/Succulents Book Review star
In addition to gardening books, cacti and succulent growers will find regional books on plants are very useful. Texas A & M University Press has released a very helpful title.

Cactus Flowers star
Cactus flowers put on quite a show. They´re among the most beautiful in the plant kingdon.

Cactus Spines star
Among cacti, spines are very common. A cactus spine is really a kind of modified leaf.

Caring for Your Indoor Cacti and Succulents star
As houseplants, succulents and cacti are carefree plants that don't require a lot of attention.

Clay and Ceramic Pots for Cacti and Succulents star
Clay and ceramic pots are ideal for cacti and succulents. These can be used throughout the landscape as well as indoors.

Container Plantings with Succulents star
Container gardening continues to grow every year. It´s easy to see why. You don´t need outdoor garden space for these potted gardens. A balcony or deck will do.

Containers for Cacti and Succulents star
There are many types of suitable pots and planters for cacti and succulents, including dish gardens and novelty planters.

Containers for Cacti and Succulents star
As interest in container gardening continues to expand, cacti and succulent are becoming more popular than ever.

Cooking With Agave Syrup star
Agave syrups are typically made in Mexico. These are very useful for cooking and baking.

Creating a Light Garden for Cacti and Succulents star
If you don´t have any sunny windows for growing cacti and succulents, create an indoor light garden.

Decor for Cacti and Succulent Gardens star
A garden needs more than cacti and succulents to be complete. It´s the same principle as interior design. This is called garden decor.

Decorating Schemes with Cacti and Succulents star
This week, we'll look at some of the various decorating styles, and see how we can incorporate cacti and succulents into these different schemes.

Decorating with Cacti and Succulents star
Here are a few ways we can use cacti and succulents as part of home decor.

Decorating with Images of Cacti and Succulents star
This week, we will focus on using images of cacti and succulents on functional and decorative items for the home. We'll also look at ways that these can be incorporated into various decorating styles.

Diseases of Cacti and Succulents star
For the most part, cacti and succulents are carefree plants. Given the right growing conditions, they will rarely suffer from serious insect and disease problems. However, as with most plants there are exceptions.

Displaying Holiday Cacti star
With their cheerful colors and attractive shapes, the holiday cacti love to be in the limelight.

Easy to Grow Succulent House Plants star
People who say they have a hard time keeping house plants alive should consider growing some easy care succulents.

Elephant Bush as a Bonsai star
A number of tree-like or shrubby succulents make succulent bonsai specimens. Among these is the elephant bush.

European Spurges As Garden Plants star
Among the perennial Euphorbias are a number that were originally native to Europe.

Fertilizing Indoor Cacti and Succulents star
Keep your indoor cacti and succulents thriving by fertilizing them.

Florilegium Imperiale Book Review star
"Florilegium Imperiale-Botanical Illustrations for Francis I of Austria" by H. Walter Lack will be of particular interest to cacti and succulent lovers.

Forms of Different Cacti and Succulents star
Plants have many interesting features, and each of these contributes to the overall beauty of the specimen. Most often we might think of leaves and flowers, but the form or growth habit can also make a species really attractive.

Garden Chemicals and Cacti/Succulents star
Though cacti and succulents are generally more resistant to insects and diseases than many other plants, it is sometimes necessary to use garden chemicals.

Garden Tours for Cacti/Succulent Lovers star
The adventuresome types may like to travel the world seeing cacti and succulents growing wild. Others prefer a visit to a botanical garden.

Garden Troughs and Other Planters star
Garden troughs and other planters are excellent choices for cacti and succulents.

Gardens to Visit star
Cacti and succulent lovers will find inspiration and beauty during garden tours. There are many kinds of gardens--both public and private--that are worth a visit.

Gift Ideas for Cacti/Succulent Gardens star
For gardeners with outdoor cacti and succulent gardens, all sorts of outdoor gardening gifts are suitable.

Gift Ideas for Indoor Cacti Gardens star
Buying holiday gifts is easy when those indoor gardeners love cacti and succulents.

Gifts for Cacti and Succulent Lovers star
It's easy enough to choose holiday gifts for cacti and succulent lovers. There are items available to suit every budget.

Gifts for Gardeners star
Most all of the economic news is gloomy, but even if you´re on a budget, Christmas shopping need not create problems.

Gifts for Gardeners and Cacti/Succulent Lovers star
It will soon be time to think about buying those holiday gifts. It is easy to find items for cacti and succulent lovers and other gardeners.

Gifts for Mother's Day star
Here are some gift ideas for mothers who are interested in cacti and succulents.

Going Green with Cacti and Succulents star
Many gardeners are interested in going green. Cacti and succulents are the ideal plants for green landscapes.

Green Roof Gardens with Succulents star
A lot is happening in the world of green roofs. These are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among urban gardeners.

Green Roofs with Succulents star
Green roofs are all the rage. These are often planted with succulents.

Green Walls and Green Roofs star
Green walls and green roots are two of the possible landcape uses for succulents. Depending on the situation, the wall can be indoors or outdoors.

Green Walls and Roofs Ideas star
Green walls and green roofs are great additions to the landscape. Succulents are perfect plants for these structures.

Green Walls for Succulents star
Green walls are spreading by leaps and bounds. These are often planted with succulents.

Growing Cacti and Succulents Along Property Lines star
As landscape plants, cacti and succulents can fill many different roles. Typically, we need plants to mark boundary lines.

Growing Cactus from Seed star
A number of cacti species are easy to grow from seed. Here are details for some of those.

Growing Cob Cactus Indoors star
When it comes to choosing plants for windowsill gardens, the cob cactus outshine many others.

Growing Crown Cactus star
Easy to grow, the free flowering crown cactus make perfect indoor plants.

Growing Requirements for Jungle and Desert Cacti star
Theneeds of cacti depend upon the growing conditions in their native habitat.

Growing Stonecrops from Seed star
Most stonecrops are easy to grow from seed.

Growing Succulents From Seed star
Many succulents can be grown from seed. The seeds are widely available.

Growing Wolfsmilk as a Succulent Bonsai star
Native to West Africa and the Canary Islands, this species of euphorbia has a tree-like shape, which makes it ideal for bonsai.

Growing Yuccas From Seed star
Yuccas can be grown from seeds.

Hardy Succulents Book Review star
Cacti and succulent lovers will be delighted with this hardy succulent book from Storey Publishing.

Heirloom Cacti and Succulents star
Interest in cacti and succulents is nothing new. In many respects these deserve to be called heirloom plants.

Highlights from Cacti History star
The history and folklore of cacti is fascinating. Here are just a few highlights.

Holiday Gifts for Cacti and Succulent Lovers star
When those on your holiday shopping list are gardeners, it is easy to find gifts that please.

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners star
For those cacti and succulent lovers on your holiday shopping list, here are some practical suggestions.

How Flowers Work star
Handsome colors, attractive shapes, and sweet aromas, these are some of the things that flowers offer to gardeners. But there is more to flowers than meets the eye.

Ideas for Christmas star
Whether its holiday plants or Christmas gifts you´re looking for, here are some holiday suggestions.

Images of Cacti and Succulents star
Gardeners enjoy seeing images of their favorite plants. Why else would we buy garden calendars year after year? Images of cacti and succulents are available even though they aren´t as common as those of some other plants.

Indoor Gardening Book Review star
Tender cacti and succulents can be brought indoors or into a greenhouse for the colder months. Storey Publishing has released a wonderful guide on overwintering tender plants.

Indoor Light Exposures for Cacti and Succulents star
When growing cacti and succulents indoors, light is one of the most important considerations.

Ingredients for Mixing Cacti and Succulent Soils star
If you´re shopping for cactus potting soil or mixing your own formula, you may need information about what sort of ingredients these may contain.

Jade Plants as Succulent Bonsai star
If you want to try your hand at creating a succulent bonsai, the jade plant makes an excellent choice for beginners.

Jerusalem Sage and Other Companion Plants star
There are both hardy and tender species that make good companion plants for cacti and succulents. These include Jerusalem sage and others.

Jungle Cacti for Indoor Plants star
So far as houseplants are concerned, the jungle cacti are tops. Here are a few that are commonly grown indoors.

Keeping Your Kalanchoes in Bloom Longer star
If you want to keep your kalanchoes blooming longer, there are a few things you can do.

Knot and Mosaic Gardens star
There are many ways to feature succulents in the landscape. Two options include knot gardens and mosaic gardens.

Landscape Ideas for Cacti/Succulents star
Some landscape roles call for cacti and succulents, These are ideal for pairing with rocks and stone. Here are some landscaping suggestions.

Landscape Options for Cacti/Succulents star
The cacti and succulents are versatile plants that can be used in many ways throughout the landscape. Here are some ideas.

Landscaping with Cacti and Succulents star
Cacti and succulents can be used for many purposes throughout the landscape. Here are some ideas.

Living Wreaths with Succulents star
Succulents are ideal plants for living wreaths. Whether you purchase a ready-made living wreath or create your own, these are living works of art.

Long Flowering Succulents star
Some succulents tend to bloom for a short period while others are known to bloom pretty much non-stop.

Making Your Own Succulent Potting Mix star
Are you ready to venture forth beyond the world of bagged cacti and succulent potting mixes? Mixing your own gives you control over weight and drainage.

Margarita and Other Portulacas star
With the moss rose and flowering purslanes, you can choose from so many varieties. Here are just a few.

More Companions for Cacti and Succulents star
Gardeners in warm climates can choose from many companion plants for their cacti and succulents. Here are some suggested plants that can tolerate hot, dry conditions.

More Succulents For Stone Walls star
Here are some more hardy succulents for stone walls.

New Agaves and Other Succulents star
For the gardening season, gardeners can choose from a number of new varieties of cacti and succulents, including agaves.

New and Award Winning Succulents star
During recent months a number of new succulents became widely available. In addition, a number of new varieties became award winners.

New Succulents for 2009 star
Succulent and cacti lovers will find a number of new plants at garden centers, nurseries, and online for the new gardening year. Here are some recent introductions.

Planters for Cacti and Succulents star
When it comes to pots for cacti and succulents, terra cotta remains one of the most popular materials.

Planting Cacti and Succulents Outdoors star
In most parts of the U.S., spring is the prime time when plants are transplanted into the landscape. During this period, the temperatures are cooler and the plants will suffer from less transplanting shock.

Plants for Various Situations star
Cacti and succulents are suitable for various kinds of situations within the landscape. Here are some suggestions.

Plants Have Body Language star
Plants use body language to indicate how they are doing. If we become attuned to how they look and what they are saying we can better meet their needs. This is especially true for cacti and succulents.

Pollination of Cacti and Succulents star
Pollination is critical for most cacti and succulents.

Puerto Rico and Other Portulacas star
The portulacas are very suitable for landscapes and container gardens. Here are some recommended varieties.

Purslane for the Edible Landscape star
Purslane was originally native to much of Europe, and became a favorite in European vegetable gardens.

Purslane in the Kitchen Garden star
Purslane has found favor among kitchen gardeners for hundreds of years.

Reasons to Choose Cacti and Succulents star
There are both aesthetic and practical reasons to choose cacti and succulents over over plants.

Reasons to Grow Cacti and Succulents star
If you´ve never grown cacti and succulents, there are many reasons to do so. These are the most earth friendly choice you can make.

Redoute's Cacti and Succulent Art star
Pierre-Joseph Redoute was a renowned botanical artist. He was well known for his watercolors of cacti and succulents.

Reliable Hardy Cacti/Succulents star
When selecting cacti and succuelnts for outdoor gardens, some species stand out from the crowd.

Rock Gardens with Cacti and Succulents star
Rock gardens offer perfect conditions for hardy cacti and succulents.

Roof and Balcony Cacti and Succulent Gardens star
Cacti and succulents can be used in most any landscape setting. They´re especially suitable for balcony and roof gardens.

Rosemary and Other Companions for Cacti star
There are many suitable companion plants for cacti and succulents. Here are details on rosemary and some others.

Russian Sage and Other Companion Plants star
When choosing companion plants for cacti and succulents, consider the hardy perennials. These are good choices for many areas.

Self Defense and Coping Strategies of Plants star
Plants have learned to cope with challenging situations. They employ both physical and chemical means of self protection and various other coping stragegies.

Soilless Potting Mixes for Indoor Cacti and Succulents star
For many indoor cacti and succulents, a soiless potting mix is suitable.

Some Attractive Woolly Cacti star
White haired cacti are among the most attractive plants you can find.

Some Award Winning Succulents star
A number of different succulents were recognized as award winners during the last year or so. These are very good choices for the garden because you know they'll be top performers.

Some Award Winning Suculents star
When choosing cacti and succulents, you won't go wrong with award winning varieties. A number of succulents have been singled out for special honors.

Some Cacti for Indoor Light Gardens star
For gardeners in cold climates, indoor light gardeners offer a way to grow small species of cacti and succulents.

Some Common Plant Problems star
Cacti and succulents suffer from fewer insect and disease problems than most other plants. Yet, they still have their share. Here is a simple guide to the most common things that occur.

Some Common Problems of Cacti and Succulents star
Though cacti and succulents have fewer problems than other plants, life isn´t always a bed or roses.

Some Crested Euphorbias star
With their odd and unusual shapes, succulents are among the most fascinating plants with the crested Euphorbias being even more bizarre looking.

Some Desert Cacti for Indoor Plants star
While all of the New World cacti don't make good house plants, some of these are excellent for growing indoors.

Some Excellent Cacti and Succulent Varieties star
When shopping for cacti and succulents, look for the best varieties avilable.

Some Excellent Succulents star
Gardeners can choose from many kinds of cacti and succulents. Depending on the situation, these might be annuals or perennials. Here are some recommended ones.

Some Invasive Cacti and Succulents star
When plants become invasive, they can create environmental havoc. Several of the cacti and succulents are considered invasive.

Some Look Alike Succulents star
In the world of succulents, there are any number of species that are somewhat similar in appearance.

Some Native or Naturalized Portulacas star
Around the country there are a number of native or naturalized portulacas or purslanes. Here are detials on some of those.

Some Neighbors for Cacti/Succulents star
It's easy to fall in love with cacti and succulents. Do keep the neighboring plants in mind before planting these outdoors or in mixed container plantings.

Some Spectacular Tree-Like Cacti and Succulents star
The world of cacti and succulents is full of curious plants, including ones with tree-like forms.

Some Stonecrops for Garden Railroads star
Of all the hardy succulents that are typically used for garden railroads, the stonecrops or sedums are among the real workhorses.

Some Succulents from Seed star
Some succulents are fairly easy to grow from seed. Here are some that are recommended for beginners.

Some Suitable Succulents for Indoor Bonsai star
For those cacti and succulent lovers who are interested in bonsai, there are quite a few suitable species. For the most part, these succulents tend to be either shrubby, tree-like, or caudiforms.

Some Tender and Hardy Ice Plants star
Ice plants are interesting succulents with daisy-like flowers.

Space Saving Containers for Cacti and Succulents star
Using space saving containers is one way to make good use of all the garden space you have for cacti and succulents.

Strawberry Jar Plantings star
Strawberry jars are a favorite container among cacti and succulent gardeners. These pots offer many advantages for the plants.

Succulent Bonsai star
Bonsai are among the most revered plants in cultivation. Creating these specimens is by no means quick and easy.

Succulent Color Changes star
Why did your green aloe turn red? There are several reasons why the leaves of succulents change color. Recognizing these changes can help us keep our plants in a healthy environment.

Succulent Plantings for Garden Railroads star
Garden railroads have become increasingly popular in recent years. Succulents are a perfect choice for these landscape plantings.

Succulents as Bedding Plants star
In colder climates, the number of winter-hardy succulents is more limited than elsewhere. For succulent lovers, the solution is to grow them as bedding plants.

Succulents for Indoor Winter Gardens star
Gardeners can create indoor winter gardens for the colder months of the year using cacti and succulents.

Succulents for Low LIght Situations star
While it is true that many succulents prefer full sun there are a number that will thrive in less sunny situations.

Succulents for the Garden Railroad star
Low growing succuloents are ideal plants for the garden railroad. With a few exceptions, most of these tend to be hardy perennials.

Succulents in the Landscape star
Succulents are one of the best choices around for creating multi-seasons of interest in the landscape. Succulent lovers avoid some landscaping mistakes taht we often see.

Sundial and Jumbo Portulacas star
For outdoor gardens, moss rose and flowering pursulanes are excellent choices. Here are some outstanding varieties.

Sunscald/Fungal Problems of Cacti and Succulents star
Sunscald and fungal problems can occur on cactu and succulents.

The Bushy Euphorbias star
Of the many kinds of Euphorbias, some of the most attractive ones have a bushy growth habit.

The Euphorbias star
The euphorbias are a very interesting group of plants.

The Garden at Eichstatt Book star
The garden at Eichstatt was the subject of a very special book. This title included a number of cacti and succulent paintings.

The Ice Plants star
The ice plants or delospermas are members of the Aizoon family. These are native to South Africa as well as central and east Africa.

The Intrepid Plant Hunters star
In 2004, Americans are celebrating the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. At times, the accomplishments of this scientific corps seem to overshadow those of other great explorers. Let´s take a look at some books about the intrepid plant hunters.

The Latest Word on Succulent Roof Gardens star
Global climate change is here. In my local newspaper here in western North Carolina, I read today that 2004 was the fourth hottest year on record. To keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter,the solution is to build roof gardens using succulents.

The Light Needs of Some Indoor Cacti and Succulents star
Proper light is critical for indoor cacti and succulents.

The Native Portulacas star
The moss rose and purslanes are introduced garden plants in the U.S. However, other species of portulacs are native to America. Here are profiles for several of these.

The Origins of Cacti star
With the exception of one species, the cacti are unique to the New World.

The Pachypodiums star
At first glance, these intriging succulents don't resemble other species.

The Saguaro star
The saguaro is among the best known of the American cactus.

The Stapelias star
The stapelias are among the most remarkable succulents.

The Succulent Geraniums star
Most gardeners are likely familiar with the ubiquitous flowering geraniums that are seen during the summer months, but their succulent relatives aren't as well known.

The Versatile Agaves star
Of all the native plants growing in Mexico and the U.S., the agave or maguey is one of the most useful.

The Versatile Prickly Pear star
The prickly pears are among the most useful cacuts. They have many culilary uses.

The Yuccas star
The yuccas are among the most common native succulents in North America.

Topiary with Succulents star
Have fun with succulents. Use these plants to create living sculptures, such as topiaries and living wreaths.

Trailing and Creeping Cacti and Succulents star
When trailing and creeping species of plants are needed, there are a number of cacti and succulents from which one can choose.

Tree-Like Aloes star
While the smaller kinds of aloes might be very suitable for growing indoors in pots, the larger bushy and tree-like ones reach their full potential when they are grown outdoors.

Trial Gardens and Display Gardens star
Trial and display gardens are a great place to learn about new varieties of cacti and succulents.

Tropical Plantings with Cacti and Succulents star
Regardless of the climate, cacti and succulents are perfect companion plants for tropical garden plantings.

Trough and Hypertufa Gardens star
For nearly a century, trough gardens have been very popular. These are perfect for cacti and succulents.

Trough Gardens star
Something a little different--that´s what cacti and succulent lovers are looking for. This explains why trough gardens have become so popular.

Useful Cacti and Succulents star
Though cacti and succulents are often considered as landscape plants, these have many other ouses.

Valentine's Gifts for Cacti and Succulent Lovers star
Who says roses are the only suitable Valentine´s gift? Cacti and succulent lovers would beg to differ.

Valentine's Gifts for Gardeners star
Valentine´s Day happens to be one of the most celebrated during the first quarter of the year.

Versatile Succulents star
Succulents can play aesthetic and practical roles in the landscape. Here are some ideas.

Wall Gardens for Cacti and Succulents star
Wall gardens are distinctive features in the landscape. These offer ideal growing conditions for cacti and succulents.

Water Saving Tips for Gardeners star
In recent years, frequent droughts and excessively hot weather have meant many gardens required supplemental waterings. By growing drought-resistant plants, such as cacti and succulents, and adopting water-saving garden practices, gardeners can reduce the need for watering.

Watering Your Indoor Cacti and Succulents star
Indoor cacti and succulents can be watered using various methods.

Wax From Succulents star
Succulents are very useful plants. Two species have been used as wax sources in the U.S. and Mexico.

Weatherproof Succulents for Flower Gardens star
Summers can bring all sorts of challenging growing conditions. There are some foolproof succulents that can handle whatever kind of weather the summer brings.

What Does Your Indoor Cacti or Succulent Need? star
In a nutshell, indoor cacti and succulents need the correct amounts of water, light, and fertilizer with appropriate soil mix and temperatures.

Why Grow Cacti and Succulents star
Apart from their landscape value, there are many reasons to choose cacti and succulents.

Wooden Containers for Cacti and Succulents star
When it comes to choosing containers for your cacti and succulents, wood and rocks are very suitable materials.

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