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America’s Mayor – America’s President? star
In 2001, Rudy Giuliani was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. In that same year after the 9/11 attacks, he was featured as Time magazine’s “person of the year.”

California politics 2010 star
This year in California there are two exciting races, that of Governor and Senator, because two strong women are running for office. These will be races to watch for the whole nation. Let's talk about why these races are special.

Cindy McCain – Presumptive First Lady star
Mrs. McCain’s remarkable life has been one of service. As First Lady, her gracious style will continue the charm and elegance brought back to the White House by current First Lady Laura Bush.

Fred Thompson on the Issues star
Since announcing his intention to seek the nomination of the Republican Party for president in 2008, Fred Thompson has put together a vigorous campaign, crossing the country to make his views known to the American people. This article summarizes some of those views.

Fred Thompson’s Border Security and Immigration Reform Plan star
Fred Thompson claims that immigration became a national security issue after 9/11. He asserts that a government has to secure its borders in order to fulfill its responsibility to its citizens. Thompson proposes a fair, efficient plan that would protect the nation’s interests in many areas.

Governor Mitt Romney star
Emphasizing his experience as governor, Mitt Romney offers himself as an alternative to the other candidates with less governing experience, as he seeks the nomination of the Republican Party for president in 2008.

Governor races 2010 star
This year there are several gubernatorial races with great women on the Republican tickets. Some of the races are still up in the air as the primaries are not over.

Mary Fallin of Oklahoma star
Mary Fallin was elected governor of Oklahoma in the 2010 elections. She is the first woman governor or Oklahoma and a staunch supporter of gun rights. But she also ran as a mother and wife--are those credentials that should matter?

McCain’s Service to America Tour star
This series of speeches serves to introduce John McCain to Americans by offering a real opportunity to get to know the candidate. Each day’s installment speaks to a personal life-experience and summarizes the lesson learned from that experience.

McCain’s Speech - The General Election Has Begun star
Senator John McCain has launched his bid for President with a rousing speech with the refrain, “That's not change we can believe in,” playing on Senator Barack Obama’s mantra about “change we can believe in.”

McCain’s Speech to the World Affairs Council star
McCain identifies himself as a “realistic idealist.” He believes that it is possible to make our world a better place, more peaceful and amenable to the principles of freedom and the free market, but he knows that we have enemies that wish to enslave us or kill us and change our way of life.

Mike Huckabee in 2012 star
Mike Huckabee from Arkansas ran for the Republican party nomination in 2008. Is he a good candidate for 2012?

Mike Huckabee on the Issues star
Mike Huckabee served as the 44th governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. Along with seven others, he is now seeking the nomination of the Republican Party for president in the 2008 campaign.

Republicans Party direction star
While the fundamentals of what the Republican Party has stood for still garner support from the base, the party needs to look at the current anti-incumbent movement seriously. It's not just about kicking out the Democrats.

Romney’s “Faith in America” Speech star
On December 6, 2007, Governor Mitt Romney, current presidential hopeful, delivered his much anticipated address on religion at the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library, College Station, Texas. Romney felt motivated to speak about his religion, because his Mormonism is much misunderstood.

Ron Paul on the Issues - Sticking to the Constitution star
Congressman Ron Paul is known for his strict stance of abiding by the Constitution: if a piece of legislation in not sanctioned by the Constitution, he votes against it. He is dedicated to keeping the government limited, which means he opposes high taxation and promotes free markets.

Rudy Giuliani and the Party of Freedom star
Giuliani wants to emphasize a basic tenet of the Republican Party, that of freedom. He wants to call the Republican Party the “Party of Freedom,” a campaign slogan for 2008.

Rudy Giuliani on the Issues star
This article summarizes Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s stance on Iraq, Winning the War on Terror, Fiscal Discipline, Judges, Education, and Marriage. His campaign web site offers detailed explanations.

Sarah Palin's influence star
Sarah Palin's entered into the national arena when she was nominated to run with Senator McCain. Even though they lost the race, she has continued to grab the spotlight in a way that few other vice-presidential nominees have. Why?

Talking to Ahmadinejad - A Campaign Distraction star
Ahmadinejad is the face of the Iranian government as Bush was the face of the US government. Both presidents are dependent on other parts of their governments to create policy.

Tea Party and Republican Party as a family star
The recent primaries have produced victories for a few “Tea Party” Republicans. I think this is great, and let’s talk about why.

Ten Reasons to Say No to Obama star
William Bennett and Seth Leibsohn have compiled and detailed ten of the most important reasons why the electorate must look carefully at the inexperienced, young senator from South Chicago and then vote a resounding no on November 4, 2008.

Why Republicans Must Win in 2008 star
Republican administrations formulate policies to keep America thriving. At a time when Islamic extremists are attempting to weaken the fiber of our country, it is important for our country to have leaders who understand the threat and have the courage and moral strength to confront that enemy.

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