Republican Party
These articles focus on the background and development of the Republican Party.

Ché Guevara’s Legacy – The Politics of Hate star
Heading Cuban prison La Cabaña, Guevara engineered the execution of hundreds of Cubans, including journalists, businessmen, and homosexuals. He enjoyed shooting many of the victims in the back of the head himself but more often he just sat back watching his firing squad do its job.

Clare Boothe Luce - Renaissance Woman star
Clare Boothe Luce excelled in several career areas: playwright, journalist, diplomat, politician, and editor.

Fall of the Berlin Wall - 20th Anniversary star
"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" President Ronald Reagan's famous words helped usher in German unification and for the past two decades freedom for East Germans, who had lived under tyrannical rule since the end of World War II.

President Bush on Pope John Paul II star
It has been three years since Pope John Paul II passed from this earth. President Bush’s three descriptive adjectives, “humble, wise, and fearless,” proffer the best description of this devout soul.

Rep. Joseph Rainey's Achievements star
As a U. S. congressman representing South Carolina, Rep. Joseph Rainey demonstrated great leadership ability, advocating for all races. He was a great defender of civil rights and loyal Republican. It has been leaders like Rainey who have kept strong the principles of the Republican Party.

Republican Party and African Americans star
The Republican Party was founded primarily on the issue of the abolition of slavery. And it was under a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, that slavery was abolished and civil rights established for African Americans.

Sixty-Percent Human star
Did the U. S. Constitution designate people of African descent to be only 60% human? No, the three/fifths compromise decided representation, not the humanity of each individual.

Teddy Roosevelt and Women’s Suffrage star
A new Bull Moose Party is trying to emerge, their leaders calling themselves “radical moderates.” But it was the old Bull Moose Party that helped women achieve the vote.

The First Black Republican Senator - H. R. Revels star
In 1991, Senate Democrats tried to derail the seating of Judge Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. In 1870, Hiram Revels, first Black Republican U. S. senator, had to endure three days of debate as Democrats tried to deny him admission to the seat to which he had been elected.

The West Wing of the White House star
On the official Web site for the White House, there are many attention-grabbing bits of history and other information. The popular TV show called The West Wing, was, of course, named for that part of the White House, in which the executive works gets done.

Three fifths compromise star
The three-fifths compromise has been disparaged by liberals because it is "offensive." Let's examine that and once again marvel at the mastery of the founding fathers.

Voting in mid-term elections star
Mid-term elections strongly influence the rest of the president's term in office. If his party is in the majority in the House and Senate, then his agenda will breeze through. If not, then he will be a lame duck president very early.

Why “Three/Fifths”? star
The “three/fifths” ratio, used in the Constitution to apportion the slave population, was not new to the Founding Fathers as they framed that document; it had been suggested earlier when trying to decide taxation under the Articles of Confederation.

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