God´s Creations

This section has articles about God´s creations in the Quran.

A Time Of Testing star
This life is but illusion and a time of testing. We live in very testing times.

Abortion Is Murder star
We do not have the right to take any life, not our own or that of another human being including our unborn children.

Adam And His Wife star
Adam and his wife were the first human beings placed on Earth. We are all descendants from these two people.

Adam Is Taught The Names Of Everything star
Adam was given the names of everything that would come into existence in our world. Every generation since has been passed this knowledge.

Adam Man Of The Earth star
Adam means man of the earth. Adam and his wife were the first humans on Earth. The Quran tells the story of their expulsion from Paradise and their arrival on Earth.

Angels In Islam star
This article takes a look at what the Quran says about angels.

Animals In The Quran star
I have often been accused of loving animals more than human beings. I am not ashamed to say that this is probably true. How do you feel about the animals who share this planet with us?

Animals – Slaughter Them Quickly And Respectfully star
WARNING - THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS A TYPED LINK TO A VIDEO, IN IT YOU WILL WITNESS HORRENDOUS TORTURE OF AND CRUELTY TO ANIMALS BRED TO FEED THE HUMAN RACE. If this video distresses anyone I am sorry but I feel it is necessary for the human race to become aware of what their own species is capable of.

Death Of The Honey Bee star
The honey bee population is dying, this is an indication of how badly we are treating our planet. If the honey bee dies out over ninety crops will have no means of pollination.

Embryology In Islam star
God describes in the Quran the beginnings of life in the womb.

Jinns / Devils / Demons star
The jinn are here to promote Satan and his point of view. Who will you listen to, God or the jinns?

Kings And Queens Of The World star
Kings and queens of today follow different religions. The Quran tells the story of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

Lottery Of Skin Colour star
Depending on our upbringing and our own points of view regarding race and colour, we will either be accepting of people with different skin tones or we will reject them.

Satan / The Devil / Iblis star
Satan's contract with God is to take as many souls to Hell with him as he can. Are you going to Hell with Satan?

Why We Are Here On Earth star
Why did God create human beings? The Quran tells us why we are here on planet earth. There is no reason to wonder why. Everything we need to know about our existence is written in the Quran.

World Of Language star
There are nearly 7000 languages spoken in the world. Some are spoken by many people and others are spoken by a few.

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