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African Black Soap star
Each region in Western Africa has its own recipe and process for making African Black soap. What is African Black Soap, how is it made and what are the benefits of using African Black soap?

African Chew Sticks star
Chew sticks are a traditional African toothbrush that are as effective as a modern toothbrush.

African Proverbs star
African proverbs are known for imparting bits of wisdom and knowledge.

Anansi and the Chameleon star
It is believed that the stories of Anansi originated in West Africa and most probably in Ghana. The stories then spread to the Caribbean with the Atlantic Slave Trade and eventually to the United States. The oral tradition has allowed the stories of Anansi to take on many adaptations.

Breastfeeding as Contraception star
Africa has a strong breastfeeding culture. Breastfeeding plays an important role in the growth of the population and a woman who breastfeeds gains respect and shows the community she is not HIV positive.

Calabash Gourd Uses star
Calabash have a great many household uses and are also eaten as food.

Chi Wara - Mythical Antelope star
Representing the mythical founder of the Bamana tribe in Mali, the Chi Wara teaches agricultural techniques to its members.

Dreadlocks star
Many of us associate dreadlocks with Bob Marley, Whoopi Goldberg, Lenny Kravitz, Korn, Lennox Lewis, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean and many more. In recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of dreadlocks in Africa which brings modern times in line with ancient history.

Egyptian Mummification star
The ancient Egyptian belief was that if a body was preserved after death, the person could live in the afterlife forever. The process of mummification thus became a very important aspect of the ancient culture.

Female Circumcision star
How young women are empowering themselves to change traditional practices in their cultures.

Gallery Of African Art Review star
Located in an unusual place, the Gallery Of African Art is a small must see museum of African icons, masks, and curios.

Griot - A West African Tradition star
Not only a storyteller, but a musician and keeper of culture.

Holiday Calendar star
Public and traditional holidays in Africa.

How Thunder & Lightning Came to Live in the Sky star
The Ovambo people from Northern Namibia and Southern Angola have for centuries told stories to explain how and why nature behaves the way it does. This is the story of Thunder and Lightning.

Legends star
Those stories told by the older generation to teach the younger generation about life´s lessons.

Male Circumcision in Kenya star
Traditionally, Christmas is the time of year when most tribes are finishing up their initiation rituals for the younger members.

Masai Customs and Traditions star
The Masai are a semi nomadic people with a reputation of being a fierce warring tribe. Some of their customs include rhinoceros games, fancy earrings, beading, and scarification.

Story of Creation by the Kuba People star
The Creation is an important aspect of the religious beliefs of the Kuba people of central Africa. It explains how they were created and how the world around them came to be. This provides a foundation for their lives today.

Superstitions and Spirits star
Here are some superstitions I experienced first-hand in Kenya.

Urbanization in Africa star
Although most of the African people currently live rurally, this will change in the next ten years as Africa is on the move and changing, rapidly.

Wedding Tradition of the Nuer People star
The traditional Nuer people of South Sudan and Ethiopia celebrate weddings in stages starting with a gift of cattle from the groom to the bride’s clan. The union of marriage is finalized when the bride produces her third child, ensuring male lineage.

What is a Khanga? star
Khangas are a traditional piece of fabric worn by many East African women.

What is Shea Butter? star
Shea butter is the main ingredient in African Black Soap. What is shea butter and how is it made?

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