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The culinary delights of Africa.

African Bread and Grain Recipes star
African bread and grain recipes and information.

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Cookbooks featuring African recipes.

African Snack Recipes star
Snack recipes from Africa.

Amlou - Almond and Argan Oil Spread Recipe star
Amlou is a nut butter made with argan oil and is a spread for bread or crackers with a distinct flavor.

Argan Oil - Exotic Oil From Morocco star
The recent popularity of Argan Oil has enabled Berber women to earn a good wage in Morocco. Used for culinary and cosmetic purposes this exotic oil has its own distinct flavor and uses.

Coffee was born in Africa star
Coffee has become so much a part of our lives that it is almost impossible to imagine a world without it. Centuries ago in Ethiopia, a shepherd discovered that the reddish coffee bean made his goats 'dance' and coffee was introduced to the world.

Egusi Soup - Igbo Stew Recipe star
Egusi soup is a traditional Igbo meat and seafood stew eaten with pounded yam or fufu.

Fufu Recipe - West African Mashed Yams star
Fufu is a staple dish in Western Africa. Much like East Africa's ugali, it is starchy dish used to scoop up vegetables and stews.

Kenyan Chai Recipe star
Chai is possibly the favorite beverage in Kenya. Learn about this yummy beverage and how to make it.

Nigerian Chicken Stew Recipe star
This recipe is a favorite in Nigeria. You can find this being served everywhere from roadside vendors to the dining rooms of the elite. The aromatic spices are what make this stew so delicious!

Rooibos Tea star
Rooibos tea or Red Tea from South Africa began to gain popularity in western countries during WWII. This caffeine-free tea has a rich history and has become a popular drink in many variations and flavors and has some interesting uses too.

Sukuma Wiki Recipe star
This recipe helps to stretch the food budget in Kenya. A great tasting vegetable dish or add some left over meat to really stretch the budget!

Suya - Nigerian Shish Kabob Recipe star
Suya is found all over Nigeria as a street food. This very popular dish is said to have been first made by the Hausa tribe.

Teff - Staple Grain of Ethiopia star
This tiniest grain packs a healthy nutritional punch. A great grain for low-carb and gluten-free diets.

Ugali Recipe star
Ugali is a stiff maize meal porridge eaten with sukuma wiki or a meat stew. Ugali is one of the many variations of a standard fufu type recipe eaten throughout Africa.

Uji Recipes star
A thin gluten-free porridge recipe from Africa. Fermented or not, this popular breakfast food is also known as Ogi and Akama. I've given instructions for both fermented and non-fermented uji recipes.

Zitumbuwa - Malawian Banana Fritters Recipe star
Zitumbuwa is a favorite dessert in Malawi. It requires only four ingredients and is easy to make.

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