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A Dickens of a Time star
Clinton questioned Rumsfelds credibility. Rumsfeld responded stating that he never that he had never painted a rosy picture and that she would have a dickens of a time trying to find instances where I have been excessively optimistic. This is of course, a challenge Clinton could not pass up.

A Letter to the President star
We have all been waiting for the President to present his new Iraq strategy, a way forward out of Iraq. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, are not waiting for Bush to announce his plan before offering their opinion, they have sent a letter to the President.

A Soldier Left Behind star
Did the US military leave a soldier behind when they pulled up their checkpoints from the neighborhoods of Sadr City? What does this say to military families? What does this say about the future of the mission in Iraq?

Another Christmas Day star
It is another Christmas Day with my son in Iraq. I got an email from him last night, so I know he is still alive. He liked his gift, but it is another year that I did not get to watch his reaction as he opened his gift. Another year we spent apart. How many more holidays will he spend in Iraq?

Are We Rome? star
Is America Rome? That is the question Cullen Murphy asks in his very assessable, Are we Rome? : The fall of an Empire and the fate of America. He takes us through the history of Rome and shows us where we are, and are not like Rome and what lessons we can learn from Rome.

Blackwater star
In addition to being young, rich, and good-looking, Blackwater CEO Erik Prince controls what is arguably the largest private army in the world… Jeremy Scahill’s book Blackwater takes you inside the world of that private army and the life of Eric Prince.

Hate Mail and the “Mindless Morons” in Our Military star
I have gotten plenty of hate mail from the far right. I wasn’t surprised Today, I got my first hate mail from the far left. It was a good lesson for me. I discovered that hate mail is hate mail, from the left or from the right; they are both as likely to invoke Hitler.

Iraq, A Civil War star
The mainstream media has decided to start calling the conflict in Iraq a civil war. Does it matter what we call the conflict? “There is a scientific community that studies civil wars, and understands the dynamics and how they in general end. This research is valuable to our national security.”

Marking a Soldiers Death. star
Sgt. Patrick Stewart died for his country. Sgt. Stewart was a practicing Wiccan. The family of Sgt. Stewart is now battling the Department of Veterans Affairs to have the Wiccan symbol, a circle and a five-pointed star, placed on his grave marker, as he wished.

Moving a Nation to Care, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America’s Returning Troops star
What would it take to move our nation to care about our troops who are returning from war with post-traumatic stress disorder? Ilona Meager lays out the argument, trying to help us understand the issue, the lack of response we as a nation have shown, and the solutions to dealing with the issue.

National Sovereignty Day star
Today – June 30, 2009 – is a holiday, if you live in Iraq. It is National Sovereignty Day, the day United States troops are officially gone from the cities of Iraq. From this point on, Iraqi cities will be policed and protected by Iraqi troops.

No End in Sight star
This film, illustrates what went wrong with the Iraq war. The movie opens with an unsanitized view of Iraq, a flashback to George Bush’s Mission Accomplished speech, and Iraqi journalist Ali Fadhill telling us, “people who died got lucky, but people who lived, are dead, while they are living.”

Surging and Sacrifices star
This surge will demand even greater sacrifice from our soldiers and their families. Military families have to find ways to cope with the news of the day, with the policy decisions of our government, with the day-to-day danger. But it is going to be difficult times ahead.

The Military Readiness Enhancement Act star
Since the implementation in 1993 of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, eleven thousand gay and lesbian soldiers have been dismissed under the law. Can the military afford to loose two to three qualified service members a day because of this law?

The Price of Liberty: Paying for America’s Wars star
Robert D. Hormats shows how the struggle to fund our wars shaped the fiscal policies of our country. He warns us that not applying the lessons learned from these struggles to the war on terror will jeopardize both our social programs and national security.

To Do Lists star
I have a son in Iraq. But despite Rep. Dennis Kucinich suggestion at the New Hampshire debates that we could end our involvement in Iraq by simply not passing a spending bill, just cutting off all funds to our soldiers, I don’t believe this would bring my son home any sooner.

What Does Cut and Run Really Look Like? star
You will hear Republicans describe the Democrats plans for exiting Iraq as Cut and Run. What exactly does that mean? Republicans will tell you the Democrats are not united. But most Democrats are united in the belief that Stay the Course is not working and America needs to go in a New Direction.

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