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Constitutional issues, the courts and our Constitutionally protected rights.

American Bar Association Opposes Domestic Spying star
The American Bar Association opposes Bushs domestic surveillance program and calls on the president to abide by our constitutional system of checks and balances.

Democrats Should Filibuster Samuel Alito star
What are the Democrats saving the filibuster for? What will our constitutional rights look like after thirty years of Samuel Alito’s influence?

Double Speak and the War on Terrorism star
Timothy Lynch, director of the Cato Institutes Project on Criminal Justice, has written an article examining the use of double speak, and new vocabulary that has been created during the War on Terror.

Fourth Amendment Primer for General Michael Hayden star
The Bush administration has already had to take remedial Ethics 101 training, maybe its time for remedial United States Constitution 101. General Michael Hayden, former NSA director, made it evident, in responding to a reporters question that he did not know what the Fourth Amendment says. .

Habeas Corpus and You star
Here's what you need to know about habeas corpus, and why it's a right that Americans should not revoke lightly.

Material Witnesses and Enemy Combatants star
This is the second in a series of articles examining the Timothy Lynchs article, Doublespeak and The War on Terrorism. In Timothy Lynchs article he looks at the way the Bush Administration has redefined and developed a new vocabulary during the War on Terror.

Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007 star
Presidential candidate, Senator Chris Dodd introduced a bill on February 13, 2007 that would restore habeas corpus rights to all detainees in U.S. custody and narrowly define who is an enemy combatant.

Speechless: The Erosion of Free Speech in the American Workplace star
Bruce Barry says, “Many Americans would be alarmed to discover that many employers can, if they wish, regulate their employees’ private political activity.” He examines the limits of speech in the workplace, how individuals, employers, and civil society would benefit from less restriction on speech.

Terrorism and Freedom star
In this, the third and final article in this series examining Timothy Lynchs important report on Double Speak and the War on Terrorism, we look at terrorism and freedom. Two of the most important words being redefined in the War on Terrorism.

The Decider is Not a Dictator star
The decider is not a dictator. He can follow already existing rules, or he can go to Congress and convince them to make new rules. But he does not get to make up his own rules. He has to learn to place nice with others. That is basically what the Supreme Court ruled in Hamdan V. Rumsfeld.

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. star
In December of 2004, Congress created The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. Now we come to March 2006, and Newsweek is reporting that this week the board will finally have its first meeting.

The Senate NSA Hearings on Warantless Domestic Spying star
The Senate will be examining many important issues in the hearing on warrantless domestic spying that will determine the limit of presidential powers and the privacy rights of citizens. Will the Democrats have the courage to stand up for the principles this nation was founded on?

Vote Swapping star
During the 2000 election vote-sharing sites sprung up. These sites allowed supporters of Nader to trade their vote with someone in a safe state. The goal was to give Nader as many votes as possible without electing Bush to the presidency. These sites were shut down by the Calif. Secretary of State.

When is a Letter to the Editor Sedition? star
Could your letter to the editor, result in the FBI investigating you for sedition? It happened to Laura Berg.

Will the Senate Succeed in Depriving the States of their Rights star
The hypocrisy of the religious right will be evident this week when their Republican representatives in Senate attempt to take away the states right to decide matters of public policy. This week they will attempt to limit the states right to decide public policy with the Federal Marriage Amendment.

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