These frequently asked questions - or FAQs - about birds are fun to learn!

Great Backyard? Bird Count star
The Great Backyard Bird Count is not just for birds in backyards!

Great Backyard? Bird Count star
The Great Backyard Bird Count is not just for birds in backyards!

How do Birds Navigate star
Birds seem to know exactly where they are going when they are flying. It is almost as if they have their own flight plan. Have you ever wondered how birds have been able to stay on course without any complex equipment and technology that we have available?

Speed at Which Birds Fly star
What exactly determines the speed at which birds fly? Is it simply the mass of the bird? Does it have something to do with their wings span? Actually it is somewhat more complicated than that.

Where Have All the Birds Gone in August? star
It is not unusual this time of year, for the bird world to be very quiet. The reason for this is that many birds sing to attract a mate or to defend their territory. So, once their brood has hatched they have little reason to continue singing after June.

Why Birds Flock in the Winter star
You will likely see cardinals, Robins, Bluebirds, Blue Jays gathering in flocks during the winter months. When I first heard of this I thought it was rather strange. Strange because these are the very birds that are so aggressive in the spring time when it comes to mating and defending their nests.

Why does Clutch Size Vary Between Bird Species star
A common question that many birders have often is asked is why one species of birds may only lay a few eggs while another species may lay many eggs. A group of scientists has completed a study of over 5,000 species of birds examining the reasons for different size clutches.

Why Is Bird Poop White? star
There are some things that people just have to know about birds. One is why birds poop white while most other critters poop brown.

Why It is a Great Time to Begin Birding star
In today´s less than desirable economy, we need a hobby that will do the most for us with the least amount of financial investment. And that is birding. Here´s why.

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