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This free newsletter is distributed weekly and will serve each time as notice to you that a new article has been featured on the Birding site at

The most recent article is entitled "Killing Barred Owls", and is a continuation of last week's "Barred Owl Debacle". You may expect another article on the same topic this coming week that will tell a little more about who the players in this controversy are. If you like the articles, please be sure to send them out far and wide. Link them in your Facebook page. Let folks know that there is something you can do to stop this travesty. Use the contacts that I provide at the end of each article.

If you would like to discuss the featured articles, please do so by signing up for the Birding forum or emailing me privately at the address below.

As a new editor-in-training, my contributions to the Birding site have been slight thus far, and those who came before me still have a strong presence. I hope you choose to make this journey with me as I work very hard to make this venue an interactive dialog between you and me and all our other bird-loving friends.

If you have birding-related information that you would like me to broadcast, please send it to me for my review. I would be glad to get the word out. This page will be a place to share and to network. Again, my email address is at the bottom of this issue.

The Birding Newsletter will also be used to promote timely events and timely actions on issues of importance in ornithology or in the birding community. It may be an irruption, or a congressional action, or a need for volunteers; a hummingbird festival, or birding tour, or a citizen science bird project. This is the place to let the birding community know what is happening, request assistance, offer help, congratulate each other, or highlight an issue.

Do you know of any organizations, literature, research studies, bird conservation issues, web sites, products, services, or bird sightings that need to be circulated? Please let me know.

Forward this to a birding friend or organization. Remember: birds of a feather flock together. Thanks for your support.

Carrie McLaughlin, Birding Editor

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