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About Zombies star
Zombies are currently top dog in the world of horror literature. What is it about the walking dead that causes endless fascination and volumes of writing for their fans?

Anne Rice's Vampires star
Anne Rice's vampires have long haunted our dreams and fantasies - in honor of her recently released book, Prince Lestat, we once again sink our teeth into why the Vampire Chronicles continue to hold sway over readers.

Born of the Sea by Victor Kelleher star
The story is based on Madeleine Sauvage, the creature Dr Frankenstein created to afford his monster a bride. Kelleher lubricates the Frankenstein tale into a well oiled story which had me hooked in the first few pages.

C is for Cthulhu - For Kids! star
Have you ever wanted to be a part of a cool children’s horror book project from the ground up? If so, the upcoming "C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Board Book" by author Jason Ciaramella and artist Greg Murphy may be something you can pledge your to.

Cthulhu and Human Nature star
From the vast expanse of timeless darkness, an underlying murmur, a faint whisper that has been at the periphery of sanity and thought since human beings emerged from the muck of existence: Cthulhu. Does Lovecraft's Cthulhu symbolically underscore the more sinister aspects of human nature?

Dracula star
The horror story often depends on a charismatic horror villain to drive the terror. Join the horror literature site as we put our horror villain profile to the test with Dracula!

Frankenstein - Lost Souls by Koontz Book Review star
People in the town of Rainbow Falls, Montana are being duplicated and replaced with intruders engineered by the evil Victor Helios (i.e. Dr. Frankenstein). Lost Souls is Book 4 in the Frankenstein series by Dean Koontz.

Frankenstein's Confessional - Book Review star
A collection of short horror stories from the monster's point of view.

Ghouls in Horror Literature star
Ghouls – they just don’t get any respect. They are the scavengers of the dead, vultures of the graveyard, and consumers of the flesh. Zombies are getting all the attention these days, but ghouls are the real deal.

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson star
An updated examination of a prolific novel about one man’s survival in a post- apocalyptic, vampire-infested world. While vampires haunt the night, who is the real monster in Matheson's haunting tale?

Origins of the Werewolf star
Specific origins of the werewolf legend are buried in history but there are stories and speculation that help us understand the superstitions and fears behind the folklore.

Stephen King's Randall Flagg star
A discussion on Stephen King´s epic character Randall Flagg, an exploration of his complex nature, and a look at how the antagonist has made the world of horror a better place.

Suffer the Little Children by Stephen King star
Evil comes from the most unexpected of places.

Vampires star
Perhaps the most enduring of all characters in horror literature, the Vampire has held dominion over the genre for...well, centuries. Yet its presence in horror literature is small in comparison to the myths which have focused on the vampire for thousands of years.

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