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Writing About an Interesting Person

Sometimes a submitted essay is not about the author. Sometimes it is about another person. If you are choosing to write about Queen Elizabeth or Mother Theresa, or another inspiring, famous person, be sure to give us your own personal take on what makes this person special. Our readers have probably already read this person's bio in a news story or in a tenth-grade class. Make your version one they would have an interest in reading. What new angle can you provide which makes the story relevant to their lives?

Here are some examples to get your mind in gear!

Mother Theresa - Mother Theresa was hard headed and stubborn in helping those in an area of need. She made some choices that many people disagreed with in her quest to help the poor and needy. How could her life decisions help inspire and guide us in our own?

Eleanor Roosevelt - Eleanor Roosevelt was well respected for her intelligence and determination. She was not a "typical female" of her generation and faced struggles for not acting the way she "should have." How might this inspire current people to handle challenges?

Clara Barton - Clara Barton went into an extremely dangerous situation and looked for ways to overcome harsh odds to save lives. We all face challenges which can seem insurmountable; we can find inspiration in her story.

Queen Elizabeth - One of the best known women who overcame monumental challenges, Queen Elizabeth has been the focus of many novels, movies, and TV shows. Help us learn how her triumphs and setbacks can give us strength to handle our own life's hurdles.

There are of course numerous other individuals who are inspiring and role models. Help us to learn about their lives and how we can apply their lessons to our own worlds!

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