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Welcome to Specialty Channels at BellaOnline! My name is Angela Baum, and I am the Specialty Channels Editor. This is quite appropriate since I have been a TV connoisseur my entire life!

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The Specialty Channels site includes articles on comedies, dramas, arts and culture, children, education and history, entertainment, family, special holiday programming, home & garden shows, international offerings, movies, news and weather, travel channels, reality television, new channels appearing on the scene (such as the recently launched Oprah Winfrey Network), religious programming, science and nature, sports, women’s channels and more.

HBO, Showtime, Style Network, Lifetime, MTV, VH-1, We, Food Network, A&E, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel are just a sampling of the many networks the Specialty Channels’ weekly articles will highlight. Click on “All Specialty Channels” (located under “Subjects” on the left side of the main site page) to see an extensive list of Specialty Channels covered.

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