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Algae Blooms
An algae bloom can turn your favorite beach into a scene from Dr. Seuss: imagine seeing a green fuzzy carpet of algae as far as the eye can see instead of a cool blue ocean. Find out what causes these harmful algae blooms.

Species Spotlight - Monarch Butterfly
Monarch butterflies are beautiful and unique creatures. Not only do they undergo metamorphosis and change from a caterpillar to a butterfly, they engage in transgenerational migration. These butterflies spend their entire lives traveling from Canada to Mexico, a journey of over 2000 miles.

Recycling helps you and the environment. Check out this article for helpful tips and innovative ideas in recycling, including prerecycling, composting, vermicomposting and using florescent lighting.

Earth Day Every Day
Earth day falls once a year on April 22. However, the earth should be celebrated year round instead of just once a year. The environment gives us so many gifts that are essential to live. Celebrate the earth every day with these 5 ideas.

Species Spotlight - Flamingo
Everyone loves the Flamingo. The huge pink bird that famously stands on one leg has captured human attention for generations with its beautiful pink plumage. Learn all about the flamingo in this species spotlight article.

Saving the Northern Spotted Owl
The northern spotted owl is an endangered species. When it was listed as endangered in 1990, government officials decided to take action. Scientists and government officials worked together to protect the northern spotted owl.

May Flowers Bring Pollinators
April flowers bring may flowers, but what do may flowers bring? Pollinators! Many animals pollinate flowers. This allows the flowers to reproduce and form seeds and fruits. One such pollinator, bees, see flowers through UV light.

Lucy - One of the Oldest Human Ancestors
Who were our human ancestors? Meet one of the oldest: Lucy. Lucy was a member of a species of hominids that made up some of our oldest human ancestors. Lucy's skeleton is the most complete ancestral skeletal ever to be found and the only one to be named after a Beatles song.

Gene TAS2R38 and Supertasters
Do you cringe at the taste of Brussels sprouts? Do artificial sweeteners taste sickeningly sweet? You may be a supertaster. A mutation on the TAS2R38 gene, a marker gene for taste hypersensitivity, yields increased sensitivity to bitter tasting compounds. So, what's your taster status?

Phylogenetics and the Biological Tree of Life
Classic taxonomy has been joined by a new method: phylogenetics. Phylogenetics is the study of the evolutionary history of living organisms and how each organism is related to each other through common ancestry. Using phylogenetics, biologists may construct the biological tree of life.

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