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Kids, here is your very own section to learn about exotic pets.

Buy your Goldfish – Children’s Pet House star
This is the last article in the goldfish series of Children’s Pet House. With this last article we will learn to pick out a healthy goldfish. We will find out how to get the goldfish home safely. We will also learn how to help the goldfish adjust to the new temperature in its brand new fish tank.

How Fish Swim – Children’s Pet House star
Goldfish make a wonderful first pet. Many people believe that goldfish have short life spans; however, they have been known to live over twenty-five years, if given the proper care. How Fish Swim is the third part of the children’s series Children’s Pet House. Science experiment included.

New Exotic Pet Feature – Children’s Pet House star
A new feature of Exotic Pets Bellaonline; Children’s Pet House, these articles are written exclusively for children. The first article gets the child ready for goldfish. We will have fun stories, science experiments, and exciting activities.

Pet Turtles - Children's Pet House star
This article explores the semi-aquatic turtle (such as the red eared slider) as a possible pet for a child. The care and equipment involved in taking care of a pet turtle. Children learning, children having fun with a lot of love and respect mixed in. Learn about the semi-aquatic turtle.

Setup Your Goldfish Tank - Children’s Pet House star
The new exotic pet series for children continues. The first segment was So You Want a Goldfish; this is the second part of Children’s Pet House, Let’s Setup Your Goldfish Tank. Next week we will have fun with an experiment. Make sure your child has an empty soda pop container and lid.

So You Want a Pet Goldfish – Children’s Pet House star
The first article about goldfish written for children. This is a new Exotic Pet BallaOnline Feature – Children’s Pet House.

Train Goldfish Children's Pet House star
How to train your goldfish you'd be amazed at what they can do! This is week four of the children series Children�s Pet house. One week to go for goldfish. Then we will begin a new pet.

Turtles and Tortoise – Children’s Pet House star
The Children’s Pet House series continues as we learn about turtles; and, how to properly care for the pet turtle. We will learn the difference between land and water turtles. We will learn how each turtle species has different food needs, enclosure needs, heat needs, and humidity needs.

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