Job Search Basics

Job Search
Looking for a job? Where should you look? Learn the most productive ways to look for a job and discover the hidden job market.

Do Your Research before the Interview star
This is a great example of the level of detail top candidates go to when researching a job they are interviewing for.

Facebook and Your Job Search star
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - no matter how “old school” you are, your job search will need to include social media. Learn how to use Facebook as a job search tool.

How a Bad Attitude Hurts the Job Search star
Are you being an assertive, go-getter or pushy and rude? It’s important to realize that your attitude can affect your success. Learn how a bad attitude can be your downfall during your job search.

How Blogging Can Help Your Job Search star
Finding a job is no longer as easy as applying to an ad in the newspaper. Job search success practically demands an Internet presence. Blogging can help your search by providing an avenue to display your knowledge and expertise.

How Credit can Affect Your Job Search star
Unemployment can create a vicious cycle. If you're unable to pay the bills, you may be unable to get a job, especially if employers conduct credit checks. Learn how credit can affect your job search and what you can do to address it with potential employers.

How to Apply for a Job star
There is a difference when applying from a job advertisement in the newspaper vs. one on online? What do you need to do in order to get your application noticed?

How to Apply for a Job Out of State star
Today's job search may require you to search for jobs out of state. How do you prepare? What should you take into consideration? Companies are engaging in more interviews over the phone, so you need to be ready. Here is how...

How to Complete an Online Job Application star
Want to know what employers look for in online applications? Submitting a job application online is never a reason to be careless with your submission. Check out this article for tips on where to take care in completing your next online application.

How to Create a Job Leads List star
Whether or not you’re looking for a job, a Job Leads List is a proactive way to have job information available right at your fingertips. Not sure where to get started? Learn how to create an easy, job source lead list.

How to Create a Job Search Portfolio star
Have you ever spotted a job that you wanted to apply for right away? Have you ever spent the night before an interview frantically searching for information? Having all of your documentation right at your fingertips will help the process by easing the stress.

How to Deal With Salary on a Job Application star
The salary - sometimes that's what it all comes down to. When should you start the salary discussion? How much should you ask for? Where can you find salary information? Should you enter a salary on the application? Before you price yourself out of a job, learn how to figure it all out.

How to Find a Job in a Weak Economy star
When the economy is struggling, jobs become even more scarce. Mass mailing your resume will waste your time, but you need to be ready at any second to sell yourself. Learn what works and what doesn't.

How to Handle Being Fired star
Your performance has been below standards – or worse, you violated a company policy resulting in immediate termination. How you handle the situation will have a huge impact on future interviews.

How to Handle Finance Questions During Interview star
Is my financial information important in my job search? Even if the position doesn’t require cash handling or accounting, a poor credit score can hurt your chances of getting the job. Learn how to deal with those sticky financial questions during the interview process.

How to Handle Relocating with a Partner star
Your partner walks in the door and announces they are being transferred. Relocation? Elation? Anger? What if you have a good job? How do you prepare? Discover how to get started on the road to relocating for your partner.

How to Not Take the Job Search Personally star
Long periods of unemployment can actually do a lot of damage to a job seeker's self-esteem. Though there is nothing that can take the place of "you're hired," you still need to work on your self-confidence when looking for a job. The best way? Not to take the job search personally.

How to Organize a Job Search star
Effectively competing in today’s job market demands, not only determination, but organizational skills as well. Learn how to organize your job search to increase your chances of employment success.  

How to Protect Yourself from Job Scams star
Some dishonest companies work overtime to prey upon and take advantage of the unemployed. How do you protect yourself from getting scammed while searching for a job?

How to Screen Through for Interviews star
Are you submitting a lot of applications, but not getting a response? Do you receive a promising call one day and then don't hear another word? Learn tips on how to successfully screen through the selection process to grab an interview.

How to Search for a Job While Still Employed star
Fed up with your job or just looking to change careers? Still employed? This could put a cramp on your job search efforts. Don’t get fired! Learn how to search for a new job, while you’re still employed at your current one.

How to Spot a Fake Job Ad star
It sounds like the perfect job and offers a really high salary, but no real job information. Is it a job or a scam? Don’t get taken by job scams. Learn what to look for.

How to Successfully Attend a Job Fair star
Job fairs have changed. If you're not careful, attending one can be a waste of your precious job search time. Make sure you make the most of your attendance.

How to Talk About Job Hopping star
Have you held a lot of jobs in the short period of time? Now when it comes time to look for a new job, you’re not sure how to explain hopping from job to job. The worst thing you can do is to try to trick employers. Here are a few statements to offer when you get stuck.

How to Use Excel to Track Your Job Search star
Looking for a low-cost way to keep track of your job applications? Look no further than your computer. Learn how to use spreadsheet software to keep track of your applications.

How to Work With a Headhunter star
Do you need help finding a job? Before you turn to a professional head hunter or recruiter, learn what to look for so you don’t waste your time or money.

Job Hunting Tips for First Time Job Seekers star
Are you a first time job seeker? Ever wondered what employers look for from an applicant? Don’t let your overall appearance on anything from your clothes to your social networking get in the way of getting employed!

Job Search Methods star
Remember when looking for a job was as easy as reaching for the newspaper? Many companies no longer use print media to advertise their openings. There are now so many different avenues to use. Learn some of the most common methods of to use in searching for a new job.

Job Searching for Teenagers star
Are you a teenager looking for a job? With unemployed adults grabbing all of the jobs typically help by teenagers, it's time for you to step up your game.

Networking – How to get started star
A successful job search will require that you step out of your comfort zone and network. If networking makes you uncomfortable, start small and with the familiar. Here is how to get started getting comfortable with networking.

Recession Proof Your Attitude star
Building an effective search plan through self evaluation and goal setting.

Safe Job Hunting on the Internet star
If you’re searching for a job, the last thought on your mind is probably Internet safety. With more employers using online applications and job scammers on the increase, it’s imperative to protect your computer and your personal information. Learn what to look for.

Self Employment as a Career star
Have you been looking for a job for a long time? Is self-employment starting to look like the perfect solution? Before you make the leap, learn the pros and cons of starting your own business.

Should You Accept a Job with Lower Pay? star
You aced the interviews and finally snagged that sought after job. What happens when they offer you a salary that is less then you expected? Should you accept the offer or continue looking? Before you make the decision to pass, perhaps you should consider accepting a lower paying job offer.

Summer Jobs for Teenagers star
Are you a teenager looking for a summer job? If you’re waiting until the summer, you may be too late. Learn when to apply, what types of employers are hiring and what skills you need to snag that summer job!

The Importance of a Business Card star
Even if you're unemployed, you need a business card for networking. The best part is that they don't have to cost a lot.

Twitter and Your Job Search star
Social media will play an important role in your job search. Here is how to effectively use Twitter.

Understanding Job Market Myths star
Fact or fiction? The key to a successful job search is knowing when something is the truth and when it’s a myth. Learn the truth that just may help you with your job search.

What Can a Former Employer Say About You star
Have you ever wondered what a former employer can or can’t say about you when giving a job reference? Actually as long as it’s a documented fact, they can almost say pretty much whatever they want. If you’re the job seeker or a hiring manager, you can still be in trouble. Understand the facts...

What to Wear to a Job Fair star
What is the difference between professional dress and business casual? Does it really matter what you wear to a job fair? Remember, a job fair is just an interview in disguise. Learn what you should be wearing to make a good first impression.

When is a Good Time to Job Search? star
Did you know there are good and bad times to look for a job? Learn about the peak season for finding employment.

When Should You Turn Down a Job Offer? star
If you been unemployed for a while or simply looking for a new job, it’s sometimes tempting to take the first job that comes along. Before you jump, decide if it is truly the job for you.

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