Bird care sheets and care faq for pet birds and pet parrots. How to care for your bird.

African Grey Parrot - Complete Care star
What to look for when you purchase an African Grey parrot. How to care for a grey parrot. How to train a Congo African Grey or Timneh african grey. What to do to avoid or stop unwanted behavior. How long is the African Grey's lifespan. What food and cage should be used?

African Grey Parrots - Introduction star
The African Grey parrot, their gentle, but teasing nature can learn an amazing vocabulary, imitate sounds, are intelligent, and can communicate. Care for the Congo African Grey Parrot and the Timneh African Grey. Both the Congo and the Timneh have many similar features the difference? The price!

Bird Site Information - Important! star
This is going to be a kind of a get to know each other article. I truly would love to get to know each and every one of you and your birds. I have a few ideas I would like to share with you all.

Breeding Birds FAQ star
Questions and answers about bird breeding

Budgerigar - Parakeet - Budgie Care star
This article on the budgerigar, parakeet, or lovingly know as a budgie is an introductory article about the budgie's care, background, and needs. How do you tell the difference between a male and a female? How to tell the difference if they are young? It can be done. A very popular and sweet pet!

Budgie FAQ star
Questions and answers about the Budgie (Parakeet)

Budgies - Parakeet - Health - Training star
This budgie article covers health (including common illness and parasites such as lice and mites), training, toys, and play of the budgerigar parakeet. A very popular small bird that is actually a small parrot. A delightful companion pet bird!

Canaries - Canary - Introduction star
Canaries don’t climb for exercise as parrots do. The canary needs to fly. I wouldn't recommend purchasing a canary from an outdoor aviary. Mosquitoes carry canary pox and easily transmit the canary pox to canaries. How to care for a pet canary. A songbird that is sure to delight your family.

Canary FAQ star
Questions and answers about the cheerful Canary

Cockatiel Care star
Cockatiel care sheets and cockatiel faq; how to care for the pet cockatiel. How long do cockatiel's live? Do they make good pets? Can the cockatiel talk? Should their wings be clipped? How do you avoid dangers hidden in the common household? Learn proper cockatiel care for a long lifespan.

Cockatiel FAQ star
Questions and answers about the Cockatiel

Cockatiel Food - Cockatiel Requirements star
Properly caring for your pet cockatiel bird will add years to your cockatiel's life and many happy years of fun, love, and devotion. Learn about cockatiel diet, cockatiel food, cuttlefish, cockatiel cages, and cockatiel sounds. In addition, everything else you will need to know about basic care.

Cockatoo - Cage - Diet - Care Sheet star
How long does a cockatoo live? What are the diet requirements of a cockatoo. What toys should they have. How big and what kind of cage? Pet cockatoos are amazing birds and are very affectionate.

Cockatoos - Pet Cockatoo star
One of the most affectionate parrots is the cockatoo. They are also the most needy. You cannot ignore their social needs and must have a great deal of your love, your time, and your attention. Their ability to love and trust are strictly in your hands. Picture of the Black Palm Cockatoo.

Conures - Complete Care Guide star
The conure complete care guide covers many important health issues concerning the care of your pet conure. Conures can enjoy a long lifespan if they receive proper care. The conure is a small parrot that may be the perfect bird for you.

Conures - Introduction star
This article is a introduction to the pet bird the conure. It includes facts and insight to help you raise your pet conure. Care information includes purchasing your pet conure, feeding, training, grooming, housing, and health care. The conure is considered one of the smaller parrots.

Eclectus Parrots - Introduction star
The eclectus is a strikingly beautiful, intelligent bird that can be quite clownish in nature. They can have outstanding talking ability. They also mimic a variety of sounds. I am not sure if you can download ringtones for the eclectus parrot, I am sure they will mimic the tones of the cell phone.

Finch FAQ star
Questions and answers about the finches

Finches - Finch Care star
The delightful spirit of the pet finch and the enormous satisfaction of their song make them an exceptional pet for close living conditions such as an apartment or a mobile home court.

Lory - Lorikeet star
A lory and a lorikeet can be very sweet and have delightful personalities. Lories and Lorikeets are nature’s perfect clowns, seemly happier hanging upside down than standing on perches. They mimic sounds. In fact, they seem to "collect sounds" building quite a large repertoire of different sounds.

Lovebird FAQ star
Questions and answers about the Lovebird

Macaw star
The macaw can be bright, beautiful, and intelligent. Though, they can also be loud, raucous, and demanding! Macaws can lived very long lifespans of many decades.

Macaw Care star
Learn how to care for the beautiful and majestic parrot, the macaw. Learn what size and type of cage, Find out what to feed your macaw. What the macaw needs in terms veterinarian requirements. Find out how to keep your macaw active and healthy.

Popular Birds star
How to choose a bird, or a parrot. Which bird do I choose? Choices from the flamboyant macaw to the canary, and everything in between; the parakeet, cockatiel, Amazon parrot, cockatoo, lovebirds, lory, conure, or the finch. What bird or parrot would you choose? Which bird is the perfect fit

Tornado - Flood - Fire star
If there was a tornado siren right now could you transport your bird to safety? What if there was a fire in your home or a wild fire racing down the hill? Do you have a hard sided carrier to help protect your parrot from blowing debris? Is the hard sided carrier stuffed in the closet?

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