War on Women

War on Women
As a Republican, you are probably wondering why I hate women. Why do we in the GOP want to keep women in their places? Well the answer is quite simple...We don’t! We don't hate women, that is a myth generated by our “friends” on the left and perpetuated by the willing media.

The charge that we are waging a war on women is derived in part from the conservative principle that all life is precious, and that life begins at conception. Yes I'm talking about abortion, and the vast majority of conservative Republicans are pro-life. I'm not going to get into a discussion here about abortion, I'm just pointing out that this is the main point of contention with those on the left. We believe that this issue is about life, not about a woman’s right to choose. Therefore, we must hate women. See how that works?

Another issue that gets twisted all out of proportion is contraception. This one crosses both moral and fiscal lines. That is because, while some on the far right believe that contraception leads to promiscuity (the moral part), most all of us on the right do not want to pay for everyone’s birth control pills (the fiscal part). So it is obvious that us old fat white guys, you know, Republicans, must want to keep women barefoot and pregnant. This of course means that we hate women!

Most Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood because we feel that it has become nothing more than a nationwide abortion mill operation. Our feeling is that abortion may be the law of the land but our tax dollars shouldn't be used to pay for them. Naturally, this is turned around on us and we are told that this would be unfair to poor women because they cannot afford “women’s health care services” on their own. Wow, we don't just hate women, we really hate the poor ones!

Equal pay for women is another bone of contention between the right and the left. There is some confusion about this because there is something called “Equity of Pay”. Equal pay, which most conservatives support, means that if a man and a woman are doing identical work in an identical way, they should be paid equally. It’s hard to argue with that. Where we part company is with Equity of Pay. This is where employers are supposed to value workers doing different jobs equally. In other words, should a traditionally female job like secretary be paid the same as a traditionally male job like project manager, without regard to performance or ability? Republicans do not like this because we believe that the marketplace should determine the value of every job.

Republicans don't hate women, many of them ARE women! The real “War” is going on between conservatives and liberals. Women are just being used by the left as pawns in their effort to win elections.

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