NFB Men’s Talking Watch Review

NFB Men’s Talking Watch Review
Purchasing products online is a hit and miss task. Sometimes I am very happy with the product and sometimes I send it back dissatisfied.

I tried my luck with a talking watch from the National federation for the blind’s online store. I purchased a Men’s Talking wristwatch - silver tone – one button digital talking watch Item #AIW60T for 15 dollars.

The watch features recessed settings buttons, a front speaker, one alarm with three selectable alarm sounds and a silver tone expansion band.

The Watch:

A) Is constructed with four buttons – one raised button and three recessed/indented buttons.

B) The functions of the raised button – announces time of day and turns off alarm sound.

C) The watch has a right side recessed button under the raised button that controls the mode functions.

D) The watch has two recessed buttons on the left hand side that sets the alarm sound, as well as the hour and seconds for the time of day and the hour and seconds for the alarm time.

Difficulty Setting Watch:

The recessed buttons prevent accidental pushing while wearing the watch but are difficult for a blind person to operate. Because the buttons are recessed, a small narrowed blunt pointed tool is needed to operate the function of the buttons. Items such as a toothpick, end of a writing pen or a paper clip unfolded work well for operating the recessed buttons.

The recessed buttons on the watch feel like small holes or slots along the outer sides of the watch. One recessed slot under the raised button on the right side and two on the left side.

The problem is the difficulty of locating the slots and inserting the tool into the slot before the mode time has elapsed. Setting the time of day mode only stays activated a few seconds before returning to the original setting.

Watch Wristband Issue:

My wrist is approximately six inches in diameter and the original wristband is about three inches larger than the size of my wrist. The original wristband on the watch will comfortably fit a wrist approximately eight or nine inches and expand to about twelve to fourteen inches. The band is a metal band, which means if you have issues with wearing, a metal band such as the band pinching the arm or pulling arm hair then, you will need to replace the band with a leather band or do not purchase this watch.

The watch is durable, well made and reasonably priced ($15). I like the recessed button feature because they prevent accidental pushing of the buttons that set time of day and alarm.

Of course, the recessed buttons means I must have sighted help to set the time and alarm on the watch but because of the durability, reasonable price and the watch is appropriate for my lifestyle I can live with the need of asking for sighted help to set the watch.

Editor’s note:
I recommend you find a local company and take the time to play with a watch before buying. You will prevent a number of problems and will not have to return a watch you do not like. I like the watch and plan to keep it.

The NFB online store is located at

The watch ordering information:
Item #AIW60T - Men’s talking wristwatch - silver tone – one button digital talking watch – fifteen dollars.

I received no form of compensation for writing this article.

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