RINO Expedition

RINO Expedition
Washington DC has been overrun with RINOs (Republicans in name only) and it is high time that we thinned the herd. But before we do that, we should come to an understanding of what a RINO is and why they are a problem.

A RINO is someone who agrees with, and votes with, the Liberals as much or more than they do the Conservatives. A RINO doesn't have a problem with increasing the size of the Federal Government. A RINO will approve of wasteful government spending. A RINO is willing to sacrifice parts of the Constitution in order to get along with the Liberals.

If you listen to the news media, Rino’s are a good thing. You see, they are willing to compromise! The problem with the RINO’s is that they don’t stand for anything. Their primary objective is to be re-elected, so they are willing to sacrifice Conservative principles when they think it will make people like them more.

The problem with that kind of thinking is that unless you stand for something, you don’t stand for anything. It is pragmatism at it’s absolute worst. It’s “The ends justify the means” to the highest degree. These people have no philosophical base from which to formulate their opinions, or they choose to ignore it. Either way, it makes them deplorable human beings.

Notice that my definition does not include agreeing with Conservatives 100% of the time. That would be a ridiculous standard to hold any human being to. Ronald Reagan was a great Conservative, but he was wrong on amnesty for illegal aliens in the eyes of many of us. But if they support that kind of amnesty, and they do not want to fortify our borders, and they are okay with “assault weapons” bans, and they support funding Obamacare, and they support NSA spying on all American’s emails and voicemails, and they support drones killing American citizens without a trial, they certainly are not Constitutional Conservatives.

If I was an independent voter, why would I want to vote for a pretend Democrat when there is a real one on the ballot? It is the reason that so many people sit out elections because they see no difference between the choices they are given. You have to give people real choices and real differences. Look, at any given time 50% of the voters are going to disagree with you, so you might as well stick to your principles.

Scott Brown is a perfect example of what happens when you don’t operate within your own belief system. He has always been a moderate Republican by any standard. It is believed that in Massachusetts a Republican can only get elected if they are squishy on Conservative Principles. His whole career is full of examples of this type of behavior. In 2010, he moved slightly to the right, enough so as to garner Tea Party support. Once he got to Washington, however, he not only returned to his soft middle, he drifted left, thinking that it was the only way he was going to win re-election. He completely lost his Tea Party support and the independents voted for the Democrat instead of the Democrat lite. One RINO down. In a Special Election that followed shortly thereafter, Gabriel Gomez, another RINO, went down in flames. RINO #2 down.

How do we begin to restore America to principles as outlined in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers? We have to elect men and women of strong Conservative principles to positions of power. The John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham's need to have strong Primary opponents who will defeat them and go on to Washington to make the changes needed to make this country strong and great again.

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