The Politics of Global Warming

The Politics of Global Warming
When I was a young boy growing up in the 60’s and early 70’s, I remember how the environmentalists were wringing their hands about “Global Cooling”. They would tell us that the Earth was getting colder and we needed to do something about it. It was air pollution which was blocking the sun so we were not getting warm enough.

Then in the 80’s something changed and suddenly the Earth was getting hotter. “Global Warming” will be the end of us all and we need to do something about it! The evil homo sapiens, mostly Republicans, are destroying the planet for the sake of the almighty dollar.

How did this happen? How did we go from getting cooler to getting warmer? Did someone do something or did something change to make the crisis shift 180 degrees? Was it Lex Luthor wanting more ocean front property? Maybe Spiderman defeating Mr. Freeze was the culprit.

Nope, it is more insidious than that, it is politics! Sure, there are well meaning people who truly are concerned with well being of the planet, but they are being misled by not-so-well-meaning people whose ultimate goal is to destroy Capitalism and the American way of life. Freedom is a scary thing to those who wish to wield ultimate power.

Look, I am not a scientist but logic tells me that you don’t just go from being too cold to being too hot for no reason. It’s not the physics of it. In fact, scientists know that our Sun is slowly cooling, which is the normal life cycle of every sun in the universe. It should take billions of years so don’t go running up your credit card debt buying interstellar space pods just yet. But if the sun is cooling, how is it that we are warming? It doesn't make sense.

I think everyone agrees that there once was an Ice Age on Earth and that dinosaurs roamed the planet. What happened to the glaciers? Why don’t we all have little pet dinosaurs instead of dogs? Could climate change be the cause? Of course it is, or perhaps a well placed meteor. Either way, it wasn't caused by man.

The fact is that the Earth has been changing since it’s birth. Our study of the other celestial bodies in the universe has shown us that there is a cycle of life that takes place and that everything is constantly changing. Stars burst to life then immediately start to die. Planets form and then cease to exist. It happens everywhere all of the time, so what makes anyone think that it isn’t happening here?

Man can do dumb stuff and cause damage to the environment, there is little argument about that. We should all be good stewards of our environment, but unfortunately not everyone is conscientious enough to do that. However, with intelligent regulations that can be controlled.

Let’s go back to the switch from global cooling to global warming, and the to the recent change to calling it climate change. What is the agenda behind those who are perpetuating these myths? There is no one good answer, but it is clear that the American way of life and the enormous power and resources our country yields is a threat to powerful people in other countries. Many of their citizens want to come here to live the “American Dream”. This drains the best and brightest from their shores and drains their power base. Speaking of power, the tremendous power of the American military and of the economy is seen as a threat to their existence. Individually, there is little they can do to overcome our advantages over them. However, working in concert with other countries is a way to make inroads.

It is no coincidence that most of the countries that don’t like us are socialist in nature. Remember, Socialism is all about concentrating control in the hands of a few people. Capitalism, along with our Constitutionally Limited Republic, is just the opposite. Our power is supposed to lie in the hands of all of the people. No self-respecting dictator would allow the people to have a say in how the country is run.

So Global Cooling wasn't capturing the attention of the American people because the doomsayers couldn't make us worry about getting covered in ice. But, what if they said that the Ozone Layer was disintegrating and the ice caps would melt and our skin would fall off? Well now, THAT got people’s attention! The United Nations even got a bunch of scientists to state that Global Warming is manmade. But even that wasn't quite good enough, so they had to state that evil capitalist corporations were the ones creating the problems.

See how that works? Capitalism = Destroy the planet. Socialism = save the planet. The choice seems so easy when you put it that way! Unfortunately for the socialists in the United Nations, the globe really hasn't been warming as fast as they warned us, and it was going to warm anyway, right Mr. Brontosaurus?

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