The Real War on Women

The Real War on Women
I know that you have heard that there is a “War on Women” being waged by the Republican Party. Let us forget for a moment how ridiculous that is. Let us also forget about the fact that there are people out there who actually believe that nonsense. Let us focus on the reality of the situation, and that is that it is the Democrats who are actually the ones at war with women.

How can that be possible? The Democrats are the ones who care about women. They want free healthcare for everyone. They want to give free contraceptives to everyone. They want to raise the minimum wage. They want equality of pay for women. They want affirmative action. The Democrats want punish the evil corporations. There are many more things that they want, and they want the government to pay for it all.

That all sounds pretty good, don’t you think? It doesn’t sound like a battle to oppress women. But when you look into it you see that women are among the groups most negatively affected by these policies.

Take health care for example. The cost of healthcare has risen in the countries whre the government runs those programs. Not only that, availability of services diminishes greatly. England and Canada are great examples of that. In those countries, taxes have skyrocketed in order to pay for their “free” healthcare, and the citizens have to wait months even for urgent care. How does this impact women? Well, I hope you aren't in need of a mammogram for that lump in your breast because you are going to have to wait. Preventative care? Our government has already made the guidelines for mammogram screenings more restrictive. These are not positive things for women, and they are Democrat programs.

Study after study has shown that raising the minimum wage reduces the availability of entry level jobs. Need a second income to help pay the bills? You are having to compete with more people for fewer jobs. Amnesty for illegal immigrants has a similar effect. Both of those are Democrat programs.

How about equality of pay, where companies have to give equal pay to men and women in “equivalent” jobs, that should be good for women, right? Nope, when the government dictates wages, wages go down, and by the way, that is also a form of Socialism. Another bad Democrat idea.

Affirmative Action has to be a good thing. Well, not so fast! When you tell any group of people that they really aren’t good enough to accomplish something so the government will hand it to them, that lowers their self-esteem. It also punishes those within the group who are capable by reducing the number of available jobs, thus lowering the incentive to be an accomplished person. That is another Democrat program that hurts women.

One more thing...Why is it that when Democrats sexually harass a woman, the Democrats remain silent? Where is NOW (National Association for Women)? Just asking.

There are so many more examples like these. The bottom line, however, is that Democrats talk a good game and their programs make everyone feel good, but they usually end up hurting the very people they pretend to want to help.

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